Marvin Bienaime Puts The “Hump” In Our Day

marvin bienaime does “hump day” better than anyone else.
joshua summerfield.
i’m sure you’re like,
he is the wolf in ^that shot above.
this is what marvin posted for our hump day below…

 keep it up marvin.
others have questions

…but i don’t even care right now.
i might be hypnotized so bare with me.
i’d love if he’d do one of these kinda “bts” shots with:

marshun cooper
travis cure
justus pickett

please and thank you.

lowkey: the front might be good too…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Marvin Bienaime Puts The “Hump” In Our Day”

  1. How ole boy booty skin so smooth, even, & bright lol what shea butter from Wakanda he slatherin on?!?!

  2. I love a muscle bound men with big bootys. Is he gay or straight? I hope he gay I wish all sexy muscle bound men are gay. This sexy big butt muscle bound man can sit on my face. Do he got some nude pictures?

  3. You got to see his new “model” tonight…He already requires BTS in his contracts/expectations now..Which is a stroke of genius

  4. I considered unfollowing marvin bienaime because I got tired of him getting in front of the camera with his Instagram Live sessions. Most professional photogs on instagram stay behind the camera and let their work speak for itself. But we live in a world where being a superstar has become addictive so I’ll cut him a little slack for letting the fame and success go to his head…

    Speaking of the Live videos, if you have the app you need to go to his page RIGHT NOW and see the tall glass of hotness he’s photographing.
    *Timestamp 6/21/18 1pm est*

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