sherrod belton can make his cheeks do a round of applause (that’s talent!)

i’ll never forget when sherrod betton aka @coachbetton was “no males in my comments”.
in my time of being a blogger,
there were many who had that same energy and suddenly stopped.
i don’t know if it was the pantene or they just admitted defeat.
maurice lyndell,
i’m looking at you too.
i mean,
come tf on male species:

Gay males are visual creatures like straight males

straight males love a nice pair of social media titties and cheeks.
gay males love a nice pair of cheeks,
we def have more options in our online meat markets.
sherrod has stupid fat cheeks while wearing pants so i don’t know what he was expecting.


well in 2021,
he is doing this with marvin bienaime

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Marvin Bienaime Puts The “Hump” In Our Day

marvin bienaime does “hump day” better than anyone else.
joshua summerfield.
i’m sure you’re like,
he is the wolf in ^that shot above.
this is what marvin posted for our hump day below…
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Serge Ibaka Says, “Cheese!”

ya’ll know serge is no stranger to the foxhole:

tumblr_ml83iahiJ41qe3tdoo1_500someone get me an id on that bag!!!
well you know i had to show you serge’s new photo shoot pics

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Nic Harris Shows Us His Meat

See I was having a good day already…
and then I come across these gems for my evening d-lite. 

Nic Harris,
took some new pictures….
… and Foxes and Vixens,
you will not be disappointed.

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