… People In Glass Mansions Shouldn’t Throw Stones?

 breezy wolf.
he needs a time out.
he is becoming too….

but ya know.
i had a feeling it would come to this sooner or later….

The Blog world erupted Sunday when TMZ reported  that Pop Singer Chris Brown and newcomer Frank Ocean were involved in an altercation. Though Brown’s rep accused Frank of causing the entire brawl, witnesses tell a different story. According to a Westlake Studio associate reported that she witness the entire ordeal.

“Chris was pissed off about the parking spot Frank seemed to be condescending and really sarcastic with Chris. Chris got really upset but tried to shake his hand; he was like ‘let’s do this like men.’ Frank looked at Chris’ hand, then he just started laughing and so did his entourage and then Chris just punched him.”

The fight was very verbal as well. “Lots of ‘fucking faggots’ and ‘fuck you nigger’. But Frank didn’t seem as aggressive as Chris, he said,

“You fuck guys too –so what that make you?”



the thing about breezy wolf
he does things and then tries to throw it back on people.
he plays the “innocent victim with no blood on his hands” very well.

… i’ll exit on that note.

lowkey: from what was told to me,
he needs to drop his crew.
i miss this breezy wolf:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ26gAc7BtU]

21 thoughts on “… People In Glass Mansions Shouldn’t Throw Stones?

  1. Yes Frank come for him lmao but this whole story is funny too me maybe Chris Brown hates Frank Ocean because he wanted to be the first person in Hip-Hop to “come out the closet”

  2. Jamari,

    Sounds like a blog entry

    “Just cause I will bend him over and bang him doesn’t mean I have to respect him.”

    1. That was just an interview. He prob. was playing nice for the camera. I wanted him to change but I don’t think he ever is.

      1. What makes you think that?

        I’m not over it. I’m still in 2009 just like everyone else. I know it wasn’t me he beat, but any man who beats a woman the way he did Rih is evil and if he just slapped her I could understand that better cause he just simply slipped up, but he beat her up as if she were in a boxing ring.

      2. Lol. Y’all need to get over the domestic violence shit. She forgave him. They’ve moved on.

        Y’all still upset like it was y’all ass he beat.

      3. Just stop it Random, and I’m not upset either, nor am I losing any sleep over Chris and Rih. I could care less cause they are both dumb as rocks if you ask me. She is dumb for going back to a man who beat her down, and he’s dumb cause he can not stay out of trouble. I’m just stating my opinion cause this is a topic of discussion, and everyone else is talking about it. If it was Jo Jo the dope dealer up the street who beats his baby mama every week you would feel different and you know it. If I told you that I had a boyfriend who I beat every week would you still be able to interact with me the same on this blog? I think not, better yet I know not. You and everyone else just sweep it under the rug cause his name his Chris Brown. I don’t respect no man who beats no woman the way he did her, at all. He beat her down until she was literally black and blue. I personally have witnessed abuse many times with my family and friends, that shit ain’t cool. In high school a friend of mine was being physically abused by her boyfriend, and the whole school knew it. He pushed her down the stars one time after school. When we all heard about it we were all mad. My boys and I were ready to fight him but we just left it alone. It wasn’t our biz, all we could do was be mad from afar. So everyone just doesn’t get over abuse easily, whether they are the ones being abused or not. It’s all good until it happens to you or someone close that you know. You talk about her being over it, but the typical black woman is so blinded by love she always does the stupidest shit over a man. She goes back to him 90% of the time. Guess what my friend did with her boyfriend? My friend had a baby by this dude. Now how dumb was that? That girl was stupid, oh and we all wanted to tell her. That’s not the worst part tho, he still continued to hit her, and until this very day if they are still together, I can guarantee you he is still beating her. I rest my case.

        Before someone calls me out on it. Just cause I will bend him over and bang him doesn’t mean I have to respect him.

  3. Breezy be fucking with dudes on the low? How come no one told me? If Frank said that to him, then I guess that means Chris gets down. Gays know each other in the industry. An apple knows another apple lol.

    Chris is going to jail this time. Frank probably is tired of this that’s why he’s pressing charges. I find this feud interesting, an open masculine gay man is arguing with a supposedly straight man. It’s funny watching this unfold.

  4. His sexuality is none of my business.

    I do think he needs to drop his entourage, however. It always surprises me when these artists become big and get an entourage as if they haven’t learned from past examples that a crew is NOT what you need.

    All they’re there to do is live off of your fame and money. As soon as that shit is gone, they will be too.

    I want Chris to get better though. I don’t know what happened…

  5. Honestly whenever one was to say Chris Brown was gay or into guys I would be the first to curse them out because he was never on my radar. Being an R&B singer, ay rumors come with the territory, but I always thought gay guys just wanted sexy guys such as Chris to be gay.

    But now this nigga really has convinced me his ass is a wolf low key. This nigga beat his girlfriend, he fights guys who he can clearly beat, e.g frank. Who wants to fight little gay frank. Frank is 5’8 155 lbs, Chris is fucking 6’3 205 if not more, he needs to grow the fuck up and stop being such a queen. I wouldn’t be shocked if he were bi sexual.

    Side note: that wouldn’t stop me from fucking him tho. Hats daddy right there. God that says a lot about me lol

    1. Run, who told you Chris was 6’3 and 205? He’s only 6’1(he said that in an interview with people mag. and I know he ain’t no damn 205 pounds lol. That skelton? Nawl. From what I have read he’s between 160 and 175. Chris and I are nearly the same size and I’m a little over 5’11 and 165.

      As far as fucking him, I’m with you on that. Sometimes I wanna hit it and sometimes I don’t. If he offered me ass I would take it, I’m not gonna lie lol. Sex is sex. Who cares?

      1. He definitely is over 200 lbs because I have a cousin who is around the same height and weights the same, same frame and all. Don’t get me wrong Chris looks sick, but if he were 160 to 175 he would look extremely sick.

        At least we agree about the sex part tho!

    1. ^yeah he is starting to unravel slowly.

      i like him.
      he needs me in his life.
      i’d be “that” friend.
      i would sit him down and make him cry.
      he needs a good tough love night i do very well.

        1. ^his mother enables his behavior.
          his super fans come to his rescue over the dumbest shit.
          his friends are leeching off his fame.
          they are all doing drugs.
          he has no one to really talk to him.
          this i know first hand.
          he likes to play the victim when things go south.
          he is comparing himself to jesus now.


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