Shea Moisture Wants Our Forgiveness With Good Dick

we will talk about ^this one in a few.
when in doubt,
bring the meat out!
that’s something shea moisture probably said in the war room.
they were banished because of their “forgetting who their brand catered to”.
shea moisture is known to be a black hair company,
but they decided this ad was a brilliant idea in some kind of “cross over” situation:

rule 1: never alienate your core supporters

they did just that and received a ton of bad publicity on social media.
their stuff is just “okay” in my hair.
in trying to get forgiven re-brand their image,
they decided to jump on the wave of “sexy wolves with beards”.
peep their new ad with some of our bearded attentionisto favs

you hear that?
me either.
the vixens who banished shea moisture have sudden amnesia.
i meannnnnn…
they do say good dick can make you lose your mind.
all those wolves in ad look good af.
one of the wolves in that ad got called out tho.
bring back rashad jackson:

he might owe some alleged child support per his comments under ^that picture on his ig:

rule 2: handle your scandals before you get on tv

mo money; mo problems
i know after seeing him in that ad,
his alleged baby mama has that court appointment set.
i’m sure he made enough to buy some new kicks.
maybe pay his phone bill.

lowkey: shea moisture ain’t playing tho.
as soon as you get on the site,
you instantly get hit with some meat:

good to see they got a new team to bring them in from the cold. 

visit shea moisture: website

13 thoughts on “Shea Moisture Wants Our Forgiveness With Good Dick

  1. I love Shea moisture products. I even fought an old friend for using my lotion for “personal use”, but they products are hella bomb tho

  2. I screamed when I saw “I hope you catch your child support up with that Shea Moisture check!”

    Im one of the few that does not like men with those manes on their faces. I ain’t gonna lie tho…y’all know I got a weak spot for dark men…hell even as black as Noon Saibot black ass is from Mortal Kombat. Some of them was looking real nice.

    Okay, but let’s talk about something else besides them nice dark men in that video. Something I commented on earlier in a post about how the females were ready to go on a Shea killing spree and as soon as this ad goes up, it’s like Shea Moisture, my friend, my savior, my life long tribulation morning star grace! Wait what??? Some of them go on and on about having kids with “good hair” and “pretty eyes”. Ugh Lord..

    Fawk that. Even though I love the diversity in that original Shea vid, the lack of any dark skinned women in it made me sip from my tea cup with an eye roll. I was waiting for a midnight ebony goddess to Grace the screen, but she didn’t and it was more like I was looking at trailer for a lost season of Sex and the City.

    I noticed how quite a few women were all up in this current Shea posts talking about the men in the video being fine (which some are) and some women figuratively fonting, “I’m pregnant”, and it’s really funny how one of those good looking men was called out (if it’s true) because of late child support. This reminds me of the light skinned, pretty eyed man that got bailed out by some thirsty women and given a modeling contract. 😐

    Gays & Straights…we all need that quenching of the thirst these days!! Can Shea really provide the Moisture it brags about to conceal these dehydrations???

    1. I agree with you on this beard fad. I wish it would die soon! It’s not a look for everyone, and when it’s not kept up is a REAL irritant for me. All of my cousins are doing it. Ugh!

      1. Tell me about it. Can’t even kiss they ass without them caveman whiskers flying all in you mouth and eye and shyt. Every dude is not meant to have a beard and I really wish the trend did die since everyone wants to join this beard movement.

        It’s kinda like how some dudes look nice and fine with dreads and then the others ones that look like Predator.

    2. Honestly, if you ask me, these wolves and foxes and hybrids are all looking the same with their beards talking about beard game strong. ummm……*flicks hair behind ear* what you say? Yeah, how is it that YOUR beard is strong but physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially you’re weak? Miss me with the bullshit sis! Plus, some of these dudes with their beards are very frazzled and weak to me and sound like they got a lot of pent up daddy issues and woman issues or I’m gay and people hate me issue. Like grow the fuck up, cut your fucking beard, or least learn how to shave and just be a motherfucking man for once! DAMN! *ficks fan*

      Now onto this shea moisture situation. ummmm……I’ve only used the African black soap once. I’m sorry, but Walgreens sells Shea Moisture and they are mad expensive and my pockets can’t handle such blow to look like a melanin African god king. Y’all better get some avocado for your face or some cocoa butter for your skin by Vaseline or some Aloe Vera lotion from the Dollar Store or from Walgreens or Wal-Mart or buy some Avon products for skin care and stop supporting those wannabe “black” products like Shea Moisture (*thinks to himself* did I just sound like a HOTEP? *looks shocked and surprised*)

      1. “Yeah, how is it that YOUR beard is strong but physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially you’re weak? ”

        Yasssss @ this line!!!

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