dj pauly d is part of “beard gang strong” now

ya’ll know i don’t fuck with reality tv too tough,
but i did think dj pauly d from “jersey shore” was cute.
i can’t tell you if he was one of the good wolves,
or a plain ol fuck boi,
but he was always the one i’d “look at”.
well pauly d has a new look these days.
this is what he looks like now via his ig

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Shea Moisture Wants Our Forgiveness With Good Dick

we will talk about ^this one in a few.
when in doubt,
bring the meat out!
that’s something shea moisture probably said in the war room.
they were banished because of their “forgetting who their brand catered to”.
shea moisture is known to be a black hair company,
but they decided this ad was a brilliant idea in some kind of “cross over” situation:

rule 1: never alienate your core supporters

they did just that and received a ton of bad publicity on social media.
their stuff is just “okay” in my hair.
in trying to get forgiven re-brand their image,
they decided to jump on the wave of “sexy wolves with beards”.
peep their new ad with some of our bearded attentionisto favs
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