dj pauly d is part of “beard gang strong” now

ya’ll know i don’t fuck with reality tv too tough,
but i did think dj pauly d from “jersey shore” was cute.
i can’t tell you if he was one of the good wolves,
or a plain ol fuck boi,
but he was always the one i’d “look at”.
well pauly d has a new look these days.
this is what he looks like now via his ig


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New Flex💪🏽……

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A beard can turn a cute wolf into “WHO DT IS THAT?!?!

i don’t know if it’s the fitted or the wife beater,
but Jesus Pea-sus.
there is some more shots:


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In The Gym Working Out The Beard So It Gets Strong 💪🏽💪🏽

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NO GEL! Who Dis??!! Follow My #TikTok 🙏🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Follow My TikTok 🙏🏽🙌🏽

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clearly he knows that’s his best angle.

he needs to keep that beard.
i won’t hear or read another word.

low-key: this is the perfect time to play with new looks during this lockdown.
whether it’s gym goals,
skincare goals,
or you on a whole new glo up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “dj pauly d is part of “beard gang strong” now”

  1. Meh. I’ve never found anyone on Jersey Shore to even be slightly attractive. They all look greasy to me

  2. It’s all about optics! I could never get past his annoying ass voice and all that damn product in his hair. The ball cap and beard are working for him but once he takes it off and starts talking again…IT’S A WRAP!

  3. Chile I ain’t Neva wanna Fuck Pauly D a day in my life….till now, geesh I wasn’t ready! 😩

  4. I like my men black like most white girls or twink white bottoms. I’ll leave this to the other fox hole.

  5. For the two guys who said he looks black, y’all reaching for the stars or need to have your head examine.

    1. The history of Italians in this country has a lot of parallels to black people (excluding slavery). Italians weren’t considered white. And they were seen as inferior to other Europeans. Here is an except from a new York times article “how Italians became white”

      “Darker skinned southern Italians endured the penalties of blackness on both sides of the Atlantic. In Italy, Northerners had long held that Southerners — particularly Sicilians — were an “uncivilized” and racially inferior people, too obviously African to be part of Europe.

      Racist dogma about Southern Italians found fertile soil in the United States. As the historian Jennifer Guglielmo writes, the newcomers encountered waves of books, magazines and newspapers that “bombarded Americans with images of Italians as racially suspect.” They were sometimes shut out of schools, movie houses and labor unions, or consigned to church pews set aside for black people. They were described in the press as “swarthy,” “kinky haired” members of a criminal race and derided in the streets with epithets like “dago,” “guinea” — a term of derision applied to enslaved Africans and their descendants — and more familiarly racist insults like “white nigger” and “nigger wop.””

      Very interesting.

    2. They’re just using that as an excuse to explain their attraction to a white man. He ain’t nothing but white man with a spray tan

  6. Is this dude BLACK or WHITE? I think he’s using our likeness and ambush our culture , benefiting greatly under the guise of #CrossOver DJ….GTFOH……Hate these scammers who are parasites of Black Culture

    1. Exactly, People wanna call out Kardashian’s for spray painting themselves but parched queens who are obsessed with light skin black men will be taking about he can get it!

    2. He is Italian, and although I am not certain, he may be Sicilian. Sicilian were considered the blacks of Italy because they have darker skin and features unlike the northern Italians.

  7. Wow,, He can get it ( Ha ha ha ) ..

    . I have always liked him .He looks “Blacker ” which is always a Good Look in my Book!!!

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