if you’re selfish, you probably can’t f*ck

*the following has sexual themes for mature a audience.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

you can’t.
during my last podcast with karaoke,
the conversation shifted to sex and i said:

“People who are selfish are never good in bed.”

selfish doesn’t always have to be financially.
you can get anyone to buy you a drink or a pair of shoes.
you can’t fuck the drink or the shoes.
i’m fonting about:


when you live a life where it’s “all about you“,
you are probably horrible to date and even wacker to fuck.
if you are on the receiving end of being selfish,
you could be a pillow prince (or princess).
you just lay there and expect to be pleased.
ya’ll done made me feel sorry for kevin gates in this sex tape…

What a lazy stroke!

first of all,
he is all in that camera.
that is the biggest sign of a highly narcissistic person in these sex tapes.
that drives me crazy tbh.
you’re so concerned with your performance that you’re not performing.

he looks bored af.

Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?

she is doing all the work.
anyone who knows a lazy stroke knows that is the “go-to” position for that.

on the flip,
i saw a video this weekend that showed me how a fox likes to be fucked.
it was between phatrabbit and khaosleon.
ya’ll ever wonder what i meant when i said you are “being fucked stupid“?
( x this is what i meant )
if you look at khaos face,
you can tell the moment he forgot his own name.
you know which part i’m talking about.

in my opinion,
being good in bed is understanding other people.
when you are selfish and narcissistic,
you don’t have time to figure out another person.
it’s your needs and wants only.
you’ll be either:

( x humping like a jack rabbit ) until you cum
letting someone do all the work in positions that require you to be lazy

the honest truth is that many of us think we are good in bed…

…but we still fuck like we’re in high school.

no one has pulled us to the side and said “nah this ain’t it“.
“all about me” might be fine for random hook ups,
but it can get you ejected or cheated on when it comes to a relationship.

low-key: i cannot vibe with selfish people.
even outside of sex,
if you don’t show any interest in me or what makes me smile,
that’s when i start to find someone who will.

15 thoughts on “if you’re selfish, you probably can’t f*ck

  1. In my experience this is FACTS! You ever have that selfish impatient friend who you end of having sex with. Oh yeah I did and it was fucking horrible. Plus if a dude busts before me without helping me get MINES, that’s the biggest turnoff. GET THE FUCK OUT! And then you have the ones who do it grudgingly and are all impatient, they can GET THE FUCK OUT TOO. Honestly the best sex I’ve had was from a dude who gave me what would easily be described as “boyfriend” sex. FIRST HOOKUP: He willingly gave me ever inch of his body, round one was well over an hour. Then 15 minutes later round two was in “full steam ahead” mode. Afterward we watched a movie, ordered delivery, ate and then pillow talked ourselves to sleep. I woke up to his raspy voice whispering in my ear “Baby I gotta go to work soon but can I get some more before I go?” It was almost as though he could read my mind as silence was affirmation. Because before I knew it he had pulled back the covers and simultaneously dived his tongue deep between my moist mounds. Have mercy! He ended it with “Tasting you was all I needed but I’m not leaving until you bust”…pure bliss!!!

  2. Jamari you preached nothing but the truth here. Nothing, but the truth. Some of the worst sex I’ve had is with personal trainers and body builders. Just terrible. And some of the best is with the geekiest guys you would ever meet. Never, EVAH, EVAH judge a book by it’s cover.

    1. ^i heard the nerds and geeks can give good dick.
      some of them play mind games better than some the personal trainers and body builders smh

    2. Facts I tell people my best experience with guys was the ones with the bellies. Those muscle ones Jamari post on Instagram I wouldn’t even touch with Jamari body. They good to look at but putting in work naw they not all that.

  3. Your stroke game has to be on point. I go in with two things on my mind when smashing especially the first timers. Go in like they paid you for the time of their lives and get them to tap out. Getting them to tap out was more of a turn on than me busting a nut. I wanted to ensure my name was good in the streets.

    1. ^isnt that giving “boyfriend dick” tho?

      i knew a straight wolf who gave vixens the boyfriend dick and they were obsessed.
      they would be confronting his actual girlfriend and keying up his car lol

      1. Agreed. Trust I have had to change my number a few times along with the tires flattened (hence my need for a garage)…lol…I would rather give the boyfriend dick than have an article written about lazy dick…lol…for me it all boiled down to my ego….I am a shiity as partner in a relationship but in the bedroom I bring it and I guess it is to make up for the other.

        1. ^i appreciate your honestly mika.
          no judgment here.
          i feel that is with most males tho.
          it’s some bomb ass dick and a smile lol

          1. No worries. Feel like I just had therapy and discovered something new about myself…lol

    2. Thank you because bottoms talk like man don’t even waste your time. He good looking but that dick is trash lol

  4. Just a damn shame. No wonder all he talks about is eating the bussy. He does it to deflect and overcompensate for his weak ass dick and struggle stroke game. Pitiful! He sure as hell wouldn’t be playing games and wasting my time like that. Either put in work and leave me the fuck alone.

  5. You are not lying there a good sex partner is something I strive for when I was single. If I guy says they don’t do this or that I next their ass quick. I don’t have time for that shit.

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