if you’re selfish, you probably can’t f*ck

*the following has sexual themes for mature a audience.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

you can’t.
during my last podcast with karaoke,
the conversation shifted to sex and i said:

“People who are selfish are never good in bed.”

selfish doesn’t always have to be financially.
you can get anyone to buy you a drink or a pair of shoes.
you can’t fuck the drink or the shoes.
i’m fonting about:


when you live a life where it’s “all about you“,
you are probably horrible to date and even wacker to fuck.
if you are on the receiving end of being selfish,
you could be a pillow prince (or princess).
you just lay there and expect to be pleased.
ya’ll done made me feel sorry for kevin gates in this sex tape…

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LAZY (drawz)

tumblr_n3elae0BT31s6csv0o1_500in my drawz.
watching the lakers at the clippers.
no fucks to give.
wishing ^that was in bed with me tho.
its a lazy sunday for me.
i’m cummin tho.
i’m cummin.

I Want Ya’ll To Donate Money For An iPhone 5 So I Can Read Comments Better.

061229_will_blog_for_foodso i just got in from spending the evening with star fox’s ex and his friends.
i’ll discuss that episode tomorrow,
but i wanted to discuss something that we watched tonight.
after i watched it,
i instantly thought:

“i have to get home to share this with the foxhole.”

i think about you guys all the time lol
i don’t know who this video blogger is.
the only video blogger in my vicinity is kid fury.
i don’t keep up with everyone else.
that being said,
i was shocked to see this one below begging to be saved…

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