I Want Ya’ll To Donate Money For An iPhone 5 So I Can Read Comments Better.

061229_will_blog_for_foodso i just got in from spending the evening with star fox’s ex and his friends.
i’ll discuss that episode tomorrow,
but i wanted to discuss something that we watched tonight.
after i watched it,
i instantly thought:

“i have to get home to share this with the foxhole.”

i think about you guys all the time lol
i don’t know who this video blogger is.
the only video blogger in my vicinity is kid fury.
i don’t keep up with everyone else.
that being said,
i was shocked to see this one below begging to be saved…

first and foremost,
i write on insidejamarifox.com for the passion.
i am doing something that turns me on and makes me wake up in the morning.
this is my growing baby.
i would never beg any of you guys for money.
that is completely unacceptable.

when my computer died,
i made an entry about a computer donation fund.
i didn’t want to depend on anyone to “rescue” me.
i busted my ass at my old job to save up for this one i got now.
when ijf had that situation on wordpress.com and the site got shut down,
i went and paid for everything on my own.
no hand outs.
no begging.
no rescue mission.
my parents taught me the value of working for what you want.
if a baller wolf wants to upgrade my life,
i’d be a complete idiot to turn it down,
but i still want something to bring in my own:

tumblr_m0e0x2eLnc1r64eblo1_500i love you guys.
yall come on here and leave the most brilliant comments,
cuttin up with the jokes,
and just being there through all the drama.
you send me stories to post and keep me updated with fine wolves.
right now is the most challenging experience thus far.
the loss of my best friend has taken a toll on me in all areas.
i’m exhausted trying to work through every sudden emotion.

i want you all to grow with me.
i want that “self made” experience.
“started from the bottom now we here… and still climbing.”
i put up a tip jar after one of my readers suggested it today.
i didn’t announce it.
you donate; you donate.
you don’t; you don’t.
i’m working on putting ads on the site.
making money through that.
the site is too “mature” so i can’t get the ads i want,
but it won’t stop me from trying.

so i don’t understand why that person up above is begging?
dental work.
new computer.
redecorate his room.
a po box.
i don’t want to judge him to harshly but he needs to get it together.
maybe i have too much pride,
but i couldn’t do it.

lowkey: he has a “donation” page too:

x wow

if shit ever got that bad,
i just wouldn’t be writing.
he needs to get on them knees or lay on that back.

3 thoughts on “I Want Ya’ll To Donate Money For An iPhone 5 So I Can Read Comments Better.

  1. There is a way to do that without begging. He could’ve done like the Skorpion show or Funky Dineva and sell T-shirts and either fan items at least they would be getting something. Im mad he managed to raise $441 in 8 days. Thats good enough for an old DELL but I have feeling this fool is trying to raise enough for a MAC

  2. I didn’t even know you can do donations over the computer. Wow! I don’t think I could do that. Maybe I have a little too much pride.

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