if you’re selfish, you probably can’t f*ck

*the following has sexual themes for mature a audience.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

you can’t.
during my last podcast with karaoke,
the conversation shifted to sex and i said:

“People who are selfish are never good in bed.”

selfish doesn’t always have to be financially.
you can get anyone to buy you a drink or a pair of shoes.
you can’t fuck the drink or the shoes.
i’m fonting about:


when you live a life where it’s “all about you“,
you are probably horrible to date and even wacker to fuck.
if you are on the receiving end of being selfish,
you could be a pillow prince (or princess).
you just lay there and expect to be pleased.
ya’ll done made me feel sorry for kevin gates in this sex tape…

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the hybrid whose cheeks were the only thing getting clapped

we don’t really font about the hybrids in the foxhole.
you know i’m all for the foxes,
and we usually date the wolves,
but the hybrids need love too.
for those who don’t know what a hybrid it,
it’s a “verse” in the gay community.
for those who don’t know what a “vers” is…

Why are you here?

but that’s someone who “gives and receives” in a sexual relationship.
as i was going down my twitter timeline,
i saw a text thread that caught my attention.
it was from a twitter user named @_G3SUS.
i ended up posting it to my ig stories,
but i wanted to discuss with the foxhole…

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Its All About Me (The Season of Selfishness)

tumblr_m3y2niOrxz1qd351oo1_500mya has a song called “its all about me”.
first album.
the chorus goes:

“its all about me me me me me…
forget about you you you you…”

giphythe song was about her saying she wanted to be pampered by her man that night.
more often than not,
we get into this nasty habit of giving too much of ourselves to everyone.
someone sends a text,
we reply right back.
someone calls and we must pick up on the second or third ring.
someone is horny and we must go fuck them.
we can be way too available.
i’m realizing that is actually bad and needs to killed with fire
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IMG_3656while we were waiting for la la to show up,
the new kim kardashian book,
was sitting on the table at starbucks.
the book is a collection of kim’s narcissism selfies throughout the years.
the only thought that went through my head as i skimmed through…
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You’re A Selfish Bitch

-1jamari fox is selfish.
 my time,
my emotions,
my money,
my booty,
my throat,
 my heart.
well now.
i use to be “nice”,
bending over backwards for everyone,
but i have realized that the nice foxes usually get left behind.
there is such great power in keeping that “nice” thing in check,
but it always seems to hard to activate it.
i had to wonder…

Why is it so hard to be selfish about what we deserve?…

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Foxy Lifestyle: The Jackals and Hyenas of our Lives

It’s time for a mental turn around.

After these last few entries,
I see there is one trend that has not been addressed.




I have had my kindness taken for granted by people who did not care what they did.
In turn, they talked crazy shit about me all over the Forest.
Thank God I learned to ignore or I would have been doing house calls.
But trust and believe in 2011,
I have been an expert on how to spot a user and how to wrap them around my finger.

Here are some tips I have picked up on throughout the years…

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