IMG_3656while we were waiting for la la to show up,
the new kim kardashian book,
was sitting on the table at starbucks.
the book is a collection of kim’s narcissism selfies throughout the years.
the only thought that went through my head as i skimmed through…

she was much more exotic “before”.
her best look was in the 2009-11 range.
the “reggie bush” and “kris humphries” eras.
thats when i actually paid attention to her.
i use to think she looked like princess jasmine.

lowkey: kim launched her book the same day as la la.
she also had book signings the same day in new yawk as well.
are they still “friends”?
gives a new meaning to the word “selfish”…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “SELFISH

  1. Kim and now Kylie just make me sick literally. I mean i give it to Kim she is a pretty vixen, but she knows she has had work done over the years one being those fat transfer injections to her butt and work on her face. I bet she released her book on purpose the same day Lala did Kim has no loyalty to anyone.

    1. Yea, they did transfers. That’s why it doesn’t show up on X-Ray’s. Them hoes ain’t slick lol. Kim doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She even cropped out lil Nori in a picture.

  2. In the Star Trek franchise there is an evil race of extraterrestrials called ‘CARDASSIANS’!!!!!!!! I rest my case.

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