You’re A Selfish Bitch

-1jamari fox is selfish.
 my time,
my emotions,
my money,
my booty,
my throat,
 my heart.
well now.
i use to be “nice”,
bending over backwards for everyone,
but i have realized that the nice foxes usually get left behind.
there is such great power in keeping that “nice” thing in check,
but it always seems to hard to activate it.
i had to wonder…

Why is it so hard to be selfish about what we deserve?…

many foxes have an issue that usually buries them.
before its too late,
they are some wolf’s din din

giphy…and not in the good way.
some foxes are willing to drop whatever they are doing for a wolf.
its one thing if you are dating the wolf and it is a consistent 50/50 thing.
these foxes will give it all to some wolf they met yesterday.
he has proved nothing,
but he deserves your hole(s) in every which way.
once he realizes that you were pretty easy,
and not the challenge he had hoped,
he off to someone else.
a wolf likes when you can get under his fur.
he knows that you can put him in check with the quickness.
he also knows that if he doesn’t tighten up,
you will leave him and never look back.

tumblr_lvctgez6og1qjemo2o1_500_by_iridescentstardust-d66l4n6when you meet a baller wolf,
it can be even worse to the unselfish fox.
the guard starts to lower because you don’t want to scare him off.

“he is use to people giving him what he wants…”

“well if i don’t do this,
he will leave me alone…”

…and if he does,
good fuckin bye.
if anyone starts out not respecting you for who you are,
and that goes for everyone in your life,
then their time if officially up.
you have to be selfish with giving yourself to people,
from your body to your heart,
because not everyone deserves the full you.
if someone makes the mistake of taking you for granted,
you either need to:

a) let them have it
b leave them alone

i personally like option “all of the above”,
but i’ve learned the best exit is usually a quiet one.

Goodbye-gifi had to wonder why do we let people,
especially wolves,
get away with so much?
is it because we want to be liked?
are we scared it will cause us to have a nasty reputation?
being a fox means we usually go against the grain.
we are not like everyone else.
wolves love us because we don’t do what the jackals do.
we end up trying to be this “nice” person,
and even though that is always good,
we don’t set boundaries and put out foot down.
wolves pick that up and try to test how far we will go.
we allowed him to get away with that today,
but what about tomorrow?
it ends up with a ton of baggage thrown in our u-hauls.
aren’t you tired of paying for it?
all that emotional clutter because you didn’t understand your worth?
so i had to ask…

What is stopping you from being selfish about “you”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “You’re A Selfish Bitch”

  1. I think we take so much because we’re afraid of being politically incorrect..we’re afraid of being too uptight and that we’ll drive that wolf away that we’ve been dreaming of, and then when he finally comes along, we compromise on somethings, quickly realizing that he’s not what we expected him to be..we tolerate things and think either the man will change or the circumstances will change…foxes and vixens are alot alike in regards to how much we put up with…a friend of mine one said the problem with men and women is women think that their man will change, but he won’t and men think that their women will stay forever, but she the end of the day the key is not to settle for less, not to compromise who we are and what we deserve and to understand that you can’t ever get comfortable because soon as you get comfortable you lose focus…like mama dee said (i deserve to be loved)…lol i’m learning in this season that my goals and my self worth have to be enough because I’m tired of the games..tired of the men who have someone but they don’t want you to date or see anyone else esp when they say shit like “nobody else better be getting none of that ass either bae that shit is mine’ or the men who don’t know if they want you or your sister…when we become the best we can be we’ll exude the qualities and characteristics that we aim to attract…SN: Jamari thanks for this interesting entry i needed this! i swear you be telling my life story sometimes lol

    1. ^great comment malcolm!!!
      the key is definitely not settling.
      i feel like we all settle because we have this fear of being alone.
      so we give up everything to try and make something work…
      …with an asshole.

  2. Boy I swear you be posting stuff exactly for me at times lol I’m going thru this now with a baller wolves at my school. I mean he is a dream tall, nice build body, tattoos, handsome face and he’s super nice. We make plans to do things together I get dressed up super cute and he comes up with an excuse every time I wanna get mad but I don’t want to come off as some clingy chick, he’ll usually playfully flirt with me or hive me a kiss or something and then I melt into putty into his hands. It’s pitiful U_U

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