Terrell Owens Has A New Boo He Is Diving Into

terrell has a new baby boo to cuddle up too!
who knew he would find romance in such hard times?
do you approve?…

I don’t know if  T.O. is taking cues from his BFF Ochocinco by dipping into the reality show pond for his women or if this is the best T.O. can do due to being broke and in debt due to child support. Either way, T.O. is reportedly seeing Real Chance of Love star Kip aka Blonde Baller. Things have gotten serious enough that she has given him the key to her cardboard box.


i was hopin it would be some rich white vixen.
(or fox,
being honest)

let’s hope this is just some “feel better” pussy until he finds something better!
well he has been working at least.
speaking of terrell,
he found himself on a show called “stars in danger” two weeks ago:

he had to jump off a high dive.
i didn’t watch.
terrible that it has come to “this” for him.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Terrell Owens Has A New Boo He Is Diving Into”

  1. TO -just give it up bro and get you a dude because you look like you went to the back of the Trailer Park to pick this rotten piece of fruit out. Just be yourself and stop fooling yourself that you like pussy. S/N that body is sick for a 40yr old man, I give him all the props

  2. Lmao when I read the title, I said out loud “I bet she won’t be black.” She looks sloppy, and I’m not just talking about her body. Oh well. T.O.’s nothing to look at either.

  3. She’s just a cover anyway! T.O. likes d . . k !!!
    Receiving and giving!! His body is made to be laying on the bed , face down and butt up or on top driving it hard between some brutha’s hairy cheeks!!!

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