Who Is Milian Christopher?

i just went on wshh and saw this video of this random act.
label submitted.
he apparently has been on:

if this is the case,
why are you on wshh with this video?…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrDEOfDfnxA]

so is he a model?
i guess he acts:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymzPJ8h83f0]

or strips?

see more video

see wshh

judging from his pics:

i guess he likes to play in the snow.
clearly a hybrid.
he got some cheeks and body on him.
won’t even lie.
alert me when the porn video is released f-bi!

is he a “someone” that i never heard of?

lowkey: he has a blue check on his twitter.
on twitter he says he a super model.
oh ok.

nothing to see here.

Author: jamari fox

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21 thoughts on “Who Is Milian Christopher?”

    1. Get out of here. You damn lying. I’m not one to jump to conclusions, but if he really said that then he is full of a lot of shit. This man is NOT straight, and none of you are going to tell me otherwise.

      1. ^his ass has that “toot” we foxes know too well.
        he could say,

        “he did it to get his name out there.”

        judging from his “resume”,
        he interviews celebs,
        and acts.

      2. His ass has nothing to do with it, and he couldn’t say anything to justify it. These pics are hella intimate lol. I don’t want everyone to be gay but geez.

  1. He is definitely not straight. I only know of him because I’m a huge fan of Justin Monroe’s photography. He has a phat ass and a really big dick.

    I’m not gonna lie, I did my snooping. He’s in the ballroom scene.

  2. Jamari he is a Ballroom “Kid” close the topic. Ballroom sex siren= wannabe model, singer, rapper etc

  3. That video is toooo desperate. I can’t remember where be he was online bragging about a magazine cover he was on….only for someone to post the real magazine cover of the month to expose him for photoshopping

  4. a wannabe?

    i had a feeling.
    he was acting like he had it like that.
    i thought he may have been from another country.
    everyone evacuate.
    nothing to see here.

      1. ^has it come to this tho?
        everyone is now lying.
        it makes it hard for those of us who work hard to genuinely make it.
        why would he photoshop himself on a magazine cover,
        but when it’s supposed to launch,
        he can’t produce links and the magazine?????
        you get exposed and you look like a liar.

        you ain’t gotta lie to kick it…

  5. I howled at the moon when you said he was supposedly str8. This ballroom queen walked his first ball with Mary and Martha and Moses was a judge. He made a list just the other day on another blog about 50 gay people every young gay person should know. Suppose to be Berry Gordy’s nephew. Sued his mother for stealing his inheritance money. He is the epitome of LA and the West Coast. Fake as a 3-Dollar bill, so he fits right in. I cant with these queens in 2013.

      1. Clearly if he would lie about being on the COVER of a magazine. I’ms sure he would lie about anything else

  6. he is also part of Kanye West lil protege group.. that group with Teyana Taylor and like 2 other ppl. Yup…

  7. He’s a GREAT BIG STUNT Queen, who used to live in Chicago. Now he’s the Mother of one of those Gay Gangs….I mean, “Houses”……If you should see him on the street cross over to the other side, because something of yours will come up missing.

    1. ^it is bad that he has burned so many bridges everyone is talking about him.
      i’m sure he will go far.
      “the bad guy” always seems to go farther.

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