The Unofficial Picture Guide To Giving The Perfect Throat.

quick foxhole townhall meeting.

everyone’s throat giving techniques is different.
deep throat.
always swallow.
some give head for pleasure.
others like to compete with the others who domed his dick to oblivion.
i personally like the power of having a wolf by the balls.
so no doubt i saw this and i had to show ou all the beginner foxes out there…

here we go…

any weird smells and it’s time to go…

that’s that freaky dramatic shit i like…

let that big ass dick slap you on the cheek!

hi my mushroom headed baby?
you happy to see me?

like a popscile in the summer time…

let those bad boys sit in your mouth….

let him feel all that wet tongue…

i’m bored.
time for him to cum…

only special ones you swallow for.


after you do him,
you’re next:

maybe followed by a:

sometimes the throat is more than enough.

giving good head requires confidence.
you can’t try and look cute either.
if you even feel nauseous at putting a dick in your mouth,
do not waste his time giving a wolf a second hand blow job.
you gotta get down there and really attack that pipe with your mouth.
if he tries to go too deep,
tell him to stop!
throwing up on someone’s lap is not cute either.
think of giving head as a blowing career,
not a job.
we don’t like jobs.
we are forced to work at jobs.
like it a lot and it will take you far.
don’t give your best head to everyone.
make them earn it.
all the professional gold diggers who made it far keep their best head game as their secret weapons.
don’t let superhead tell you otherwise.
i think we covered everything.

… this concludes the foxhole town hall meeting.

we’ll have a small discussion and have light snacks.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “The Unofficial Picture Guide To Giving The Perfect Throat.”

  1. I have to chuckle about the swallowing comments, once a date the first time together swallowed and I was like damn he don’t even know me lol. Sad to say it turned me off cause in my mind if you swallowed mine so quickly how many others have you swallowed. Nice guy but…….

  2. All I’m going to say is, don’t try to do what the porn stars do if you don’t have the experience. There is nothing worse than a lackluster blow job. I have had some amazing head, so I am always expecting something greater than the last great session. Bad head is a turn off for me. But if we are in a relationship, I will definitely show you the ropes. 😉

  3. i feel like with sex in general,
    you need to do exciting freaky nasty things for the one you plan on being with.
    you can’t do all kinds of nasty shit with strangers and then get in a relationship with the embarrassed face.
    he wants to try something new and you done did that with some random.
    something should be new and exciting with your man.
    that’s just how i see it.

    1. I’ve had the most boring sex life exactly because I haven’t met someone special, who I can trust, to try different things with. And until that day comes, I’ll be looking at freaky stuff on MyVidster. I want to die of old age, not HIV.

      1. ^thas how you do it.
        when you are with someone,
        you go hard the paint on the sex shit.
        now that hiv has no face and is taking victims left and right,
        you can’t be too cray out there, my hybrid wolf….

  4. [Vigorously raises hand ]
    Professor Fox, I have a question. In the past, aside from hookups from back in the day facilitated by Black Gay Chat, I’ve only messed with dudes who I’ve only had casual relationships with, and I’ve only ever had pre-cum in my mouth. Now, hopefully one day will come where I will finally met a fox/hybrid who I can call my boyfriend. And when that day comes, I’m sure he will, at the least, want to cum in my mouth, maybe swallow. Can you give one of your proteges advice on how to handle this situation (i.e. What does it taste like, do I swallow or spit, etc…)

    1. ^i’ll be honest with you,
      i never swallowed anyone…. yet.
      i feel like swallowing shouldn’t happen to everyone.
      that is some nasty gutter shit to be givin head to everyone and swallowing.

      swallowing cum shouldn’t be a “should i? shouldn’t i?”
      if you are with your man,
      he squirts in your mouth,
      and you want to swallow,
      go head.

      i prefer to let him cum on my chest or face,
      so i ask him to warn me when he feels like he is cummin…

    2. I don’t understand how people swallow. THAT is not for me. No shade, though. But I won’t complain if someone wants to swallow my load.

      You will immediately know when it happens if you want to swallow or spit. Either the taste (some say it’s bitter, some say it’s sweet) will alarm you or the fact that his ejaculate is in your mouth, but regardless, you will know. If he has a horrible diet, you can bet that you will spit it out as soon as it hits your tongue.

      He may or may not warn you before he lets loose, but the more experience you have sucking, the more aware you will be when it is about to happen. Good luck and be careful!

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