“I Bet That Could Touch The Back of My Throat.” Press To Send?

you know what i hate?…


he hit me up,
i’m talkin’ to him,
and you are replying like:

“thas wassup”

there is no segway into an actual conversation.
how do you leap off of “oh”?
i’m looking like a doofus because i’m sitting up here with,
2 whole sentences.
his reply is some damn:

“lol i like dat”

a quick rant.

i bet if i told him what a filthy dirty hoe i was and how i needed a bath,
he would tell me in detail:

the temperature,
how clear the water would be,
and what was the ingredients in the soap.

i don’t know how people do these basic text conversations.
i need just a little more effort…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on ““I Bet That Could Touch The Back of My Throat.” Press To Send?”

  1. I be doing that sometimes, but I only do it cause I run out of things to say. Lol. I hate it when people do that to me tho lol.

  2. Why does this always happen with Ninja’s I like, other dudes you not feeling be texting you the Chronicles of Narnia, but the one dude I want to conversate more in text never does, these one word text after you poured your heart out make me wanna pop somebody upside the head. Oooh talking about shit I hate and its this.

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