YOUR 54th THOUGHT: (54)

well it happened.

the episode with “the fight” came on last night.
i happened to catch it.
i have my own thoughts on this show thus far…


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9 thoughts on “YOUR 54th THOUGHT: (54)

  1. They cut out the part that leaked out last year for some reason, but anyways I have to side with Nicki as well. Absolutely nothing wrong with versatility.

  2. Nick Minaj Was Very Childish and Unprofessional and a COON All Mariah And Randy Was Basically Telling The Girl TO Make Up Her Mind Whether She Wanted To Be a Country Or Pop Or R&B Etc. Singer To Find Her Music Market So She Can Be Successful Because She Seem Confuse I Didn’t See Them Tearing Her Down in My Opinion

  3. I am just not interested in AI anymore. It fell off a few years ago. Shortly before Simon packed his bags.

    S/N: I cannot stand to watch our people (Nicki) humiliate themselves as such and be paid for it. Really? Is fame and fortune that important to you that you would dress up like a clown and show your a$$ (on tv) the way that you do?

  4. Welp, I’m gonna have to side with Nicki. That girl could sing and they were tearing her apart and questioning her down into the ground just because she said “I did the country thing.” & Randy talking about how he’s been doing that shit for 30 years was out of line. Just because you’ve got experience does not mean you are always right or know what you’re talking about. However, walking off the set was unprofessional.

  5. My 54th thought – My Grandmother use to tell us stories about in the early days of TV, you were stopped from whatever you were doing because there was a ‘Black’ person on TV. And they would all gather round to watch. Who cares if it’s staged or not surely this is not entertainment!!!! I’m sure Dr King and the millions of his supporters would be shocked to see the total lack of dignity we are subjected to on TV today.

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