It’s The Comeback/Testimony… Kids.

kerrymonthey say when someone tries to block your blessings,
you remain calm and let god handle it.
it’s easier said than done when the heat is being turnt up.
“fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men.”
i was just reading about kerry’s new production company.
you should read it too…


NFL star Kerry Rhodes ( is man of artistic sensibilities. At heart, he is a storyteller who thrives on blending fiction with the real world. His passion for art and film has culminated with the creation of a new production company, “It’s The Comeback Kids LLC,” co-founded with managing partner Anthony Holt. The company has trained its eye towards television and the feature film market and is currently in post-production on two debut projects; Gone In An Instant, a documentary that chronicles the rise and fall of NBA superstar Antoine Walker’s fame and fortune, and Good Cop Bike Cop, a weekly webisode series featuring high-profile athletes that follows two mismatched partners fighting crime in suburbia.

“As a professional athlete, I find Antoine Walker’s story both inspiring and tragic,” said Kerry Rhodes. “It’s an incredible thing to take your misfortune and use it to help educate and inspire others so they don’t make the same mistakes. I admire his courage to come forward with this message.”

Antoine Walker’s story speaks for itself. Amassing over $110 million during a 13-year NBA career, Walker went from being an NBA All-Star and World Champion to facing felony charges stemming from gambling debt in Las Vegas. However, vice was not his sole enemy; his generosity to more than 70 family members and friends evenly contributed to the drain of his fortune. Now successfully navigating bankruptcy, Antoine is on a mission to educate others on financial literacy, using his own story as a warning and an effective platform for others to learn from his mistakes.

The documentary is the first of many planned projects by “It’s The Comeback Kids LLC” that will span film, television and new media.


kudos kerry.
well done.

there is life outside of football after all.
i’m sure many people said he was done,
laughed at him,
and even wished his demise.
kerry had his back against the wall with a back up plan in motion.
tis the season for a comeback.

tumblr_mnn9w6QwsO1s9ubdpo1_r1_400he has my support.

lowkey: kerry if you are hiring,
i can have my resume to you asap!
ask and you shall receive!
i definitely need a comeback with an exciting career myself.

3 thoughts on “It’s The Comeback/Testimony… Kids.

  1. Every rookie should watch the Antione Walker story.$110 million to broke trying to support dozens of family members and friends. GOOD for Kerry for thinkng about life after football.

  2. More power to him! I’m glad that he didn’t let all of this nonsense get the best of him.

  3. Good for him. Glad to see hat he’s doing things to keep his money up. Go Kerry.

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