when you attracting and not realizing how you doing it

so yesterday,
i was talking like my future had already come into fruition.
i said outloud:

“well it worked out that they let me go from that job.
they still working there and i’m on my way to croatia next week.

i haven’t seen the word croatia anytime before that.
for the first time,
the country popped in my head on random.
i could have said “italy” or “the maldives”.
those are places i want to go.
croatia was what came to me.
on everything i love


can we font????
i’m shook!!
i attracted the word into my existence.
i am a powerful manifester,
but i feel i don’t do it correctly.
when i say things absent-minded,
it often comes true.

when i say i haven’t seen someone and they randomly pop up
when i ask myself something and i randomly get the answer

when i’m feeling severly lack or want,
thirsty even,
it never happens.
well shit…
if i can attract the word “croatia”,
i can surely attract the life i deserve and desire.

lowkey: i guess croatia is in the world cup.
i’m not paying attention to the world cup at alllll.
i legit don’t even know who is playing.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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