let’s font “baller wolf fashion” at the 2018 espy awards

so i had to decided this past wednesday,
july 18th,
on what i was gonna watch?

The Espys?
Continue my “This Is Us” binge?

it was a hard decision,
but i chose to watch the espys.
one thing i love about the espys,
besides all the sexy baller wolf meat,
is the men’s fashion.
some of the baller wolves go hard with the threads,
while others:

so i decided to put together an entry on the fits i loved….

swaggy p


the shorts set: obj and juju smith

the bold and the beautiful: jalen mills and rodney mcleod

trevor jackson

von miller

the “dressed but not dressed”:

adam rippon

donavan mitchell

alvin kamara

orlando scandrick:

stefon diggs

the “most fashionable couple”: ciara and russell wilson

can we font about jalen,
and stefon?

of course,
i had to show “the look of terror” of the night.
that goes to:

javale mcgee.
coco chanel was quoted as saying:

“before you leave the house,
look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

i always try to apply that phrase to how i style myself.
he ruined a perfectly good look with that damn fanny pack.
are we really bringing those back?
he had the nerve to try and match it with the colors in the suit.
nothing goes with “big tacky ass gucci logo” tho.
it would have worked on a casual all black fit and not a suit.
maybe beach or “trip to disney world” fit?
sorry javale.

other than that,
i saw a lot of good looks this year.
most baller wolves know how to dress.
either way,
keep it up to all my baller wolves.
thank your stylists for coming through!

lowkey: one day,
i will have a great seat at the espys.

*all photos used from 2018 espys are credited to owners

18 thoughts on “let’s font “baller wolf fashion” at the 2018 espy awards

  1. I want to be like Trevor Jackson when I grow up.

    He’s so young, but so comfortable in his skin.

    Did you see his Gay Pride outfit?

  2. Reading the comments I have to say that I feel relieved. I thought I would be the only one who thought all the guys outfits look horrible. They look like theyre trying way too hard to go viral. Like look at me look at me im wearing loud colors.

  3. Not a damn one of them, ugh!!

    Pray Tell would have a field day with this one on Pose, ” The category is — absolutely flaming trash.”

  4. I have been on this earth too Long! I love color and do wear it but this is Just OTT for me. If I had to pick a winner. I would I would say Adam Rippon Underdressed them all.

  5. Man I’m gone say RETURN TO SENDER to everyone of these with the exception of the Stefon dude, if this does not look like the theme of the night was a tribute to 80’s R&B Band Cameo. Damn the Str8 dudes are out gaying the gay dudes with fashion. It’s Butch Queen Realness with a Twist! Russell Wilson out here looking like a lost dancer from Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Tour. Thank Gawd for the beautiful Ciara, who was stunning as always. It’s a No for me.

    1. Fashion has been off the rails recently. I like to have fun with fashion, but this is a bit much. It’s like, let’s take every horrible trend from decades past and mash it all together. Considering this is an awards show that honors people, most of these looks were a bad idea to me. O well🤷‍♂️

    2. I said the same. Every last one of them needed to be hit upside the head, like are you REALLY leaving the house wearing that?! What the fuck were you thinking?!!
      No, just no…to ALL of them! Stylists need their ass kicked for THAT night!

  6. I really liked Trevor Jackson’s look the best it’s seems the most approachable, like he could go out to dinner right after. Ciara looks amazing as usual .

  7. Most of the looks were just really loud and tacky, was the theme Copacabana beach of something? Stefon Diggs and Adam looked nice. Russell Wilson wasn’t doing too bad until we got to that awful footwear

  8. Mostly Trash… I really only liked one or two pieces from some of the looks. Stefon and Alvin looked the best..Object disappointed heavily , those short suits don’t work on everyone especially if you have some muscle or are too tall. Also I realized not everyone has the ankles for a sockless look and please make this suit without a shirt trend stop …ok I’m done😑

  9. Nick looks good from the ankle up.
    Odell did that. He looks good.
    Trevor Jackson & Russell look really handsome.
    Orlando pulled off that look.
    Alvin & Steffon look good

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