guess who joined onlyfans!? (money needs to be made!)

“onlyfans” is the new career move.
be damned!
where else can an attentionisto be naked,
and get the check cut for it?
so guess the latest to join “onlyfans”…

lamont johnson is “the latest”.
he posted this to his stories:

i mean,
it was a matter of time.
he has been teasing for a quite a while now.
no sense of denying the inevitable.
before he got too main stream,
i would have gladly considered.
now it gets a “eh”.
i liked him when he didn’t talk
or danced.
if you’re interested in checking out lamont,
this is how much it costs to see him get naked(-ish?):


6 pics and 5 vids…”

i’ll need more than that.

lowkey: after seeing his “ask me a question” thing,
i was low key screw faced how he answered some.

x head on over to lamont’s “onlyfans”

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “guess who joined onlyfans!? (money needs to be made!)

      1. @Jamari Fox….somebody posted a vid of him in the shower, bouncing his skinny uncut dick. lol I really wasnt surprised to see what he is working with, bc he never has a dick print in his tight ass swim trunks. I pretty much had guessed that it was gonna be short and fat or long and skinny. I want to see it hard. I want to know once it is engorged does it fatten up or does it stay long and skinny. lol Is he rocking a Chris Breezy? lol He still cute tho, I suck and fuck that average ass dick.

  1. mostly gay men are going to subscribe. I don’t see women paying to seeing internet pipe. these dudes know where the money at!

      1. He did say that he did not have a prob with males looking at his pics since he knows gay black males are a part of his audience. He just has a problem with folks thinking he’s gay.

  2. I was thinking the same exact thing about his IG questions/answers. He definitely lost a fan with me.

    1. Why? Check tumblr. Somebody already posted a shower vid of him bouncing his skinny uncut dick.

  3. He is such a cornball.. This is the same dude who once said that he didn’t do “free photo shoots” as if people get paid for shoots in the first place LOL. If Vogue don’t pay runway models then what makes him think that somebody would want to pay an IG whore for a test shoot?

    And of course he has an only fans page, its clever thinking on his behalf. His YouTube engagement pales in comparison to his Instagram engagement because truth is most people only want to see him whoring. Not him doing “Q & A’s” talking about a bunch of nothing.

    He is like the new George Hill but without the cringey aspirational “rap career”. They’re better when they’re silent.

    We will all be perched when the peen leakage arrives on Tumblr, its only a matter of time.

  4. So he don’t play that gay shit but he once appeared in Jaylon Aaron’s commerical who is a tranny or sort of

  5. Just take that $20 bucks and go join your local gym and troll the showers like old white men do and you will eventually be lucky enough to see a Black Man who is just as fine as your favorite attentionista naked up close and personal. I guess since Craiglist and Backpage have been shut down, these attentionista’s need new ways to sell that Ass. Thanks to a homie got a chance to see King Agu Only Fans and it was a rip off, he does at least have some nudes, and even a hard pipe pic but Hell 2 Da Naw for $20 a month. Royal G aint even doing that for $20 a month, showing nothing but his Ass, although it is lovely, just wait for Tumblr to release the screen caps and save your coins. Social media out here got these dudes thinking they are real celebs LoL. Please remember attentionista’s there is always work at UPS and Amazon, no need to to Pussy Pop to pay the rent. Seriously if you can use what you got to get what you want, then knock ya’self out cause its suckers out here who will pay.

  6. SMFH..
    Take out my popcorn and sitting down on my sofa….waiting to exhale.

    Every fucking sole is now a porn star. I guess he only wants females joining? SMFH…LOL

  7. I’m going to be frank about this. Unless these guys are serving pipe (or receiving) and busting nuts all over the place, then they can miss me with all of that. To me, that is all that onlyfans accounts are worth. He can get a group of his fellow attentionistos and do a circle jerk or something.

  8. I always thought people who said meeting online was for ugly people, were mean.

    But that’s how I feel about Only Fans. All the free porn and you pay to see a guy masturbate?

    And Chaturbate…wouldn’t you feel lame?

    I’d pay $20 for a private session, maybe. Not a 2 second video where the goods aren’t even shown.

  9. OnlyFans and all these other sites give too many people a reason to think that their stuff is THE shit when it’s just shit. If you’re not gonna show the pipe, you jerking off & cumming or/& you fucking/sucking & getting sucked then there’s no point annstjis looks pointless, especially for $20. I’m more than good thank you

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