let’s font “baller wolf fashion” at the 2018 espy awards

so i had to decided this past wednesday,
july 18th,
on what i was gonna watch?

The Espys?
Continue my “This Is Us” binge?

it was a hard decision,
but i chose to watch the espys.
one thing i love about the espys,
besides all the sexy baller wolf meat,
is the men’s fashion.
some of the baller wolves go hard with the threads,
while others:

so i decided to put together an entry on the fits i loved….
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fox swagg: Something I Would Rock (2)

Actually I think I’m rocking it tonight.


Not to crazy for the movies and dinner with some friends in the city.

TIP: Always make sure you give your jeans a little grown man sagg.

I’m not really into the matchy matchy movement.
Plus it is COLD out in these skreets LOL