fox swagg: Something I Would Rock (2)

Actually I think I’m rocking it tonight.


Not to crazy for the movies and dinner with some friends in the city.

TIP: Always make sure you give your jeans a little grown man sagg.

I’m not really into the matchy matchy movement.
Plus it is COLD out in these skreets LOL

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “fox swagg: Something I Would Rock (2)”

  1. That fit look fun, I’ve never been a sweatshirt fan, especially what I consider any kind of talking shirt, but I think it’s fun and youthful.. Idk if any of you guys shop here but has some great clothes you should check it out , plus they have a multitude of sales daily! 😉

    1. ^those boots are sort of played out now but they keep me warm as hell.
      Those and the Polo boots.
      I got mine like 2 years ago when they first came out.

      But NY brothas played them out!!!
      Funny, I never see gay boys out here wearing them.

  2. I been tryna figure out the name of that bracelet for the longest i want the blk one and the blue one !!.. Whats the name of it and where can i get it ?

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