that’s what i said when i saw this video

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It’s Not “Stealing” Anymore, Its Called “Inspired”.

we have the:
the navy.
little monsters.
what do you call miley cyrus stans?
are you one?
does she even have a fan base yet?
miley has been transforming from this:

tumblr_mm4v7dOueh1qkev9so1_500to this:

tumblr_mm4vsxbd451qdy87yo1_500she’s twerking and all kinda new shit now.
she just had a photo spread in v magazine.
as i looked at the photos,
i couldn’t but wonder…

is “this” really her?

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“If Men Were Gay, There Would Be No War.” End Quote.

this is my quote for that quote:

the following quote comes from morrissey,
former snow something from the rock group smiths…

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fox swagg: Something I Would Rock (2)

Actually I think I’m rocking it tonight.


Not to crazy for the movies and dinner with some friends in the city.

TIP: Always make sure you give your jeans a little grown man sagg.

I’m not really into the matchy matchy movement.
Plus it is COLD out in these skreets LOL

Fox Swagg: Something I Would Rock (1)


A perfect “outing” fit.
Can be casual enough to wear out on a date,
going to the movies,
or just going window shopping down at your favorite street/mall.


Fox Swagg 101: The Cardigan

So as you know I love to look fuckin’ fly

I love to look good and I feel good when I look even better.
And for my readers, I want to keep you up on the latest.
So, I will keep you up to date on any latest clothing items that make my tail stand up.
I may write something… or I may put up a few pictures and say nothing.
Either way, try something new with your wardrobe.
As I like to say:

Always put your best fit forward.

Lets get into it…

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