It’s Not “Stealing” Anymore, Its Called “Inspired”.

we have the:
the navy.
little monsters.
what do you call miley cyrus stans?
are you one?
does she even have a fan base yet?
miley has been transforming from this:

tumblr_mm4v7dOueh1qkev9so1_500to this:

tumblr_mm4vsxbd451qdy87yo1_500she’s twerking and all kinda new shit now.
she just had a photo spread in v magazine.
as i looked at the photos,
i couldn’t but wonder…

is “this” really her?


tumblr_mm3uxcxwHU1s3xfh7o1_500i guess everyone is trying to capitalize on “bad girl ratchet” now.
even the boys LOL
not a fan of the photos.
she doesn’t look natural and comes off awkward.
like someone told her stand and try to look bad ass.

x this is natural

lowkey: i do like her new haircut.
it really makes her stand out.

ya’ll know miley was in a new lil kim/tiffany fox video?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “It’s Not “Stealing” Anymore, Its Called “Inspired”.”

  1. As long as she never forgets who’s daughter she is. It’s all good.

    S/N: what the fuck is wrong with lil wayne? I’m starting to worry about him.

  2. I have to praise Team Miley’s management and her as a person! YES I agree this is a phrase she may be going through but it’s refreshing to see a POP “white” star transitioning and opening her sound to Hip Hop/Reggae/Dubstep rather than the other way round- eg: Nicki & Iggy.

    Plus, I feel Miley is making slow and calculated steps into discovering her new sound and unlike other more manufactured acts ie: Rihanna = New Style/New Album, Miley has put in the work and is slowly infiltrating albums and airwaves with NO press conference/crazy media antics or male endorsements.

    Her tracks so far, which have all been different, interesting and high profile; “Ashtrays & Heartbreaks” -Snoop Lion, “Fall Down”- Will.iam, and cameo/shout-out’s in “Twisted” Tiffany/Kim.

    Whether Forced or not, she is the new golden girl on everyone’s lips.. who is slowly but steadily researching and waiting for her time to pounce! Once again, Great to see the coin flipped- POP to R’N’B than R’N’B artists turning to POP & Euro- trash music.

      1. Mind you! Mary J is gonna be on her new record. she knows what she’s doing

      2. Jamari, I am so flattered, thank you! Please believe I am forever posting on your site and I am usual horrible at writing in the real world so hearing that has made me consider a new career path! LOL ^_^

  3. I love Miley, she’s going through her Lil phase now. I respect her, SHE’S PAID, has sold millions of albums before hitting twenty, and she’s doing her thing. Everybody wanna be black now lol!

    1. ^you know,
      i’ve only heard one song from her.
      i know of her background and the checks,
      but to say i’ve listened to an album,
      watch the movies,
      or sat through a show….

      that would be lies.

      1. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.Black culture has always defined pop culture. OFF topic Jason’s ex did TMZ, Piers Morgan and today Inside Edition – she still has the wedding dress .Peanut 2.0?

      2. I’m 19 lol. I grew up listening t her, she was that bitch from ’06 to ’10. She never flopped, she just hasn’t put out a record in three yrs. Miley’s my girl

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