The Scariest Thing I Have Seen In A While

bartlisa_scaredthis is my worst fear ever

i felt every chill go up and down my spine.
it just dropped out the sky with no issue.
i am absolutely scared to fly and this video did not help.
i use to love to fly.
i don’t know what happened.
i would hate if a baller wolf wanted to fly me out.
you may need to drug me up to even complete that mission.


Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “The Scariest Thing I Have Seen In A While”

  1. Seven people were killed on Monday when a civilian cargo plane crashed shortly after taking off from Bagram Air Base, northeast of Kabul, according to an international military spokesman. The police chief of the surrounding area, Ezmarai Nasiri, said the plane “crashed soon after it took off and its tail caught on fire.” There was no information late on Monday about whether the plane was carrying cargo or its intended destination. It belonged to National Air Cargo, a military contractor based in Orchard Park, N.Y., outside Buffalo. Military officials said that the cause of the crash was being investigated, but that there had been no enemy activity in the area at the time.

  2. Why was the bus driver still going? I swear these islam people something in their brain just isn’t right. Fire amuses them i see

  3. I don’t have a fear of flying but I do have a fear of dying in a plane crash because to me it’s so horrific. However, you have a greater chance of dying on the ground that the air.

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