Would You Let Breezy Wolf Beat It?

tumblr_mlic8mH3ug1qbnt4vo1_500 tumblr_mlic8mH3ug1qbnt4vo2_500well according to breezy wolf,
you wanted him to beat-beat-beat it.
not a problem.
the threesome stylings of sean kingston,
wiz khalifa,
and of course breezy wolf team up for this track titled beat it..

track is cool.
beat is smooth.
i like what the beat was doing at the end part
i’m sure it’ll blast in the club.
you’ll hear it at a bbq.
will i rush out to buy it?
i’m here for wiz and breezy.

lowkey: the original video:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Would You Let Breezy Wolf Beat It?

  1. I agree FULLY! He is likely into all that kinky shit too…long sweat dripping sessions where you just collapse from the sheer weight of ecstasy!!! #BEATitUP

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