Would You Let Breezy Wolf Beat It?

tumblr_mlic8mH3ug1qbnt4vo1_500 tumblr_mlic8mH3ug1qbnt4vo2_500well according to breezy wolf,
you wanted him to beat-beat-beat it.
not a problem.
the threesome stylings of sean kingston,
wiz khalifa,
and of course breezy wolf team up for this track titled beat it..

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What Happens When His Mama Catches You Having Sex…

to be a teenager again.
so he:

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 3.28.35 PM…brings you to his mama house.
he gets a nice good stroke in and his mama walks in.
what happens?
this happens…

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foXXX: Now That You Are Tight Again….

You ever wanted to hear my biggest fear?
Well that is it…

Having a Wolf try to sex me down and it’s like throwing a hot dog in a hallway.

Makes the fear and regret rise in my throat as I type this up.
Our Foxholes don’t have that snap back like Vixens.
Once we get stretched out, our value DROPS.
Fuck age… your fucked when you get fucked TOO much.

our favorite Dik Sukka sucked and fucked a fine ass Dominican Wolf who wanted to BEAT. IT. UP.

Wanna see?

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The Naked Lie

“Stuck and left naked with a hard penis” – Lil’ Kim, Hardcore

Why do TOPS try to play smart bottoms?
I mean, is it to hard to ask for niggas to have brains these days?

So not trying to fall for the Gotcha Gotcha….

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