What Happens When His Mama Catches You Having Sex…

to be a teenager again.
so he:

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 3.28.35 PM…brings you to his mama house.
he gets a nice good stroke in and his mama walks in.
what happens?
this happens…

…not with ya mama standing there mofo.
this is why they need to take you to the telly.
uninterrupted fuckin.
can’t have momz walkin’ in when you trying to turn a wolf out.


11 thoughts on “What Happens When His Mama Catches You Having Sex…

  1. Clearly you can tell it was deliberate because he cut the lights off and the camera was not set on night scene feature

  2. This is not realistic at all. No black mother is going to be at the door shocked that long. Lol

    They’re either going to tell you to get your shit and get out or chase you and the female around with a shoe, belt, or whatever’s handy. Lol

  3. Why would you have sex in someone else’s home? If you do, you should know everything. Like when their parents are comming home, if they are even home, how long they will be out, whose planning on visiting that day, etc.
    I know the struggle is real and all, but damn. They do have nice inexpensive hotel rooms that you can find. If you want to bust a nut that bad, you’ll find a way.

    1. ^i agree.

      i remember i went over a friend’s house with 2 other friends.
      we were chillin and watching movies.
      the dude’s house we were over some chick was there and they left us to go “talk”.
      20 minutes go by and you heard this loud ass skin smacking in rhythm.
      you could tell he was fuckin’ her from the back in his bedroom.
      we all went to go listen.
      won’t even front, it turned me on
      it sounded like they was trying to get it in quietly at first and then said fuck it lol

  4. Niggas are stupid. Do I have to school people on everything? Everybody knows when you are fuckin in someone else’s home or when other people are around you pull the bed from the wall. That is proper bedroom etiquette.

    My roommate was in his room fuckin his girl, and a friend and I could hear the bed making noise from the living room. It wasn’t squeaking, but it sounded like someone was moving around on it. He came out with a lil sweat around his hairline. I was grinning and he asked me what’s funny. I made pretend that I was looking at something on my laptop, but our friend was like you were mad loud. I said yea you were. I was like you should have pulled the bed from the wall.

  5. I want sunflowers and fast singing–cause I’m dead.


    So much wrong in that video: The momma, the son, the quiet girl, the video footage itself.

    The two more minutes request and the hunching. Dudes gonna get they nut regardless. SMH

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