The Naked Lie

“Stuck and left naked with a hard penis” – Lil’ Kim, Hardcore

Why do TOPS try to play smart bottoms?
I mean, is it to hard to ask for niggas to have brains these days?

So not trying to fall for the Gotcha Gotcha….

I met Twists. sometime ago last year on one of the chat sites.
A4a… Bgc…. one of them….
He was light skin, aight body, twist dreads, big lips, and an even bigger dick.
Swag for days as I could tell by the outfits he was rocking.

We would send pictures back and forth all day just showing our body parts.
I would keep it PG-13 with my pictureswhere he would keep it Rated R with full blown cawk shots.
Only thing that bored me was the dick shots were basically THE SAME.
Never really interesting… just side,  looking down, or side looking down.
No variety but I still spoke to him because he kept me interested with convo.

When he finally called me on some surprise shit
and I heard that “3am phone bone” type voice on the other end,
I just knew I had found the one…. to get me off.
We talked for like 5 hours that first night…. phone fucked the last 2.

It was great.

Then did the unthinkable….
he up and did the gotcha and vanished.
I sent him a few YIM messages and no reply.
Wasn’t going to text or call because I am no stalker.

I was low key hurt but I did what any other bottom would do….
Get mad, make a new screen name, and try to reinvent myself.

in 2010,
I’m on some new kind of shit.
This blog has alot to do with it and I feel great.
Glowing almost.
So, I did what any new bottom would do…
Found the password to that old screen screen, put a new updated picture of me up and went about my business, and show my old TOPS the game has changed.

Dudes from my past started hitting me up like Wolves.

“Damn, you look so sexy.”
“Where yo been shawty?”
“I missed you.”

…. bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

That is until I saw Twists screen name with a message:

“You looking so right in that picture. Holla at me shawty.”

That I did.
Twists has a problem with replying back to messages.
He will speak to you and then vanish… then reappear like his name is Houdini.

I decided to do a bold move and tell him things he would like to hear.
Basically that his phone sex was the shit, I want to see the dick in person, and can he come fuck me.
On some old HO ass shit.
That opened up his eyes because the replies were coming in every other second.
I made him feel like he was about to get the best ass he has ever gotten and slowly, he started falling for it.

“Yo when can I come thru.” He asked via YIM.
“I can come 10-11.”
“That is a good time.”

Well, he sent me a message on que at 9:00AM……
…. with no reply from me.
Another at 9:05…..
…still no reply.

Messages every 15 minutes.
Emails every 5 minutes.

“U must of be in a very deep sleep son…. I’m trying to come see you asap before you head out to do business… where you @ shawty?”

Um, I was in my bed, laughing at your dumb ass.
If you think I was going to let his stupid ass come and get some of this good stuff,
after treating me like some bottom he could turn on and off,
you must not know what kind of Fox I am.

TOPS need to be taught lessons when they try it.
He tried it.
I do not care how good the dick looks or the body looks,
once you fuck up CONTINUOUSLY… you GOT to train em.

Remember this saying: You teach people HOW to treat you.

And I am not saying you fuck up once and then you get treated like shit by me,
but he fucked up AFTER again and again…

So I hope when he is beatin his meat this morning,
he was imagine that dick sliding in between.

Oh and [DELETE] + [BLOCK] to his screen name.

I love being a bad ass.

Later Foxes

5 thoughts on “The Naked Lie

  1. i agree! thats a great status for dealing with folks! i love this blog soooo much!

  2. Dayum J…i am liking that. What you did wasn’t messy or un-called for… it was ‘PROACTIVE KARMA’..

    Keep training these lames!!

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