His Nick Name Is “Trouble”

Have you ever been in something and knew it would be nothing but trouble?

So I have been talking to a married man.
(looks at stares and disapproval)

Not married to pussy tho.
You ever notice dudes won’t care if a guy is married to a woman,
all bets are off and it is her loss?
I guess it is the sense that he is looking for other parts to stimulate his desires.


He is in quite the situation with some dude
(see blog: Peter, Paul, and Jamari for more details)

We will call him: Married Man

So after that dismissal of the threesome talk with Married Man,
ol dude started hitting me up on some ol “hi, how are you? How is life?” type of text.

I am not on to turn down a good conversation so I obliged and did the thing.

Do not ask me how we got into the sex-ting…
but we did…
and one thing went to another and I am asking him his favorite position and how good would he fuck me.
While he is asking me if I ever had my ass eaten out real good and what kind of movies I like (I do not know how those two go together BUT whatever…)

I mean he is pretty fine.
Slim, but his body is cut the fuck up.
8 pack leading to a nice cut dick (saw the evidence on my Fox Berry)

He’s funny and besides the sex-ting,
he actually has a solid conversation.
Plus, I may want to experience that dick on some ol scandalous bottom shit.

To be honest,
I am not really looking for a relationship from him.
This Fox is no fool.
Could I REALLY trust him?
I do not need a Magic 8 Ball to tell me the answer.

He wants to take me to the movies later on in the week.
I may go and see what he is like in person… but then I maybe head down in a bathroom stall, getting my brains fucked out during the trailers.

I am feeling a standing up cancel on his part because I am going to the movies with someone else tonight, to see the same movie.

… yeah, not to mention the OTHER dudes I am speaking with….
We will discuss them on a later blog.

God is pretty good.


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