6 Months To A Year, TOPS!

How would you feel if someone you were dealing with
gave you a time line on how long you were to mess with him…

….before he went and got married and had kids?

…. and he wasn’t even on the D/L?

We are all looking for a man that will love the hell out of us, fuck the hell out of us, and treat the hell out if us…. in that GOOD zone.
But what if you meet a man and truly fall for him,
all the while he is just sowing his wild gay oats to settle down with a woman?

He tells you in the next 2, 3, 6 or 12 months that it will be over. No contact; nothing?

“You thought this was going to last forever?” he says, putting his clothes on after an amazing sexual rendezvous.

Deep down inside you are thinking, “HELL YEAH.”
But outwardly you keep a smile on your face and try not to show emotions.

I think it is in your best interest to keep your heart detached from your ass/dick.
No matter what kind of dude you decide to deal with,
you do not know what insecurities he maybe battling.

As much as bottoms front, verses stunt, and TOPS lie,
sex does lead to emotions and even better sex can lead to…. well you already know.

Our lifestyle isn’t exactly easy and doesn’t have the proper resources to guide us.
My blog and a host of others can only do so much.
So you are going up to bat... alone.

We may desire a man,
but are we TRULY ready for what we get?

Things to think about.

Later Foxes.

4 thoughts on “6 Months To A Year, TOPS!

  1. WOW..Thats crazy but a wise person said “2 tears in a bucket. Fuck It!”

    I throw the deuces at nigs with too much baggage. I ain’t no fuckin bell hop! If this is happening to you Jamari I know it may not be much of a condolense but keep your head up.

  2. I agree 10000%!!!!! People call me a ‘cold heartless and evil’ but I’m just protecting myself from these confused/psycho men.

  3. Oh thats disgusting… why wait so long? he should just give up the thing he loves most and start torturing himself with menstrual cycles and dirty diapers now. Do us all a favor and stop leading us on. And sex ABSOLUTELY leads to feelings. Dick is dangerous lol. Yes we do desire a man…. but the question is do they desire us?… and in this case.. for how long?

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