HAPPY ’13!

may you all have a blessed and prosperous new year ahead.
you deserve it.

Today Is The Day Star Fox Called Me In Tears

2012 seems like a tough year for everyone.

I thought it was just me going through the fire.
Shit, at this point I could as well take my clothes off and two step within the flames.
But, it seems that everyone I know is dealing with some issue or another.
Whether it is losing jobs, ending of careers, money issues, love drama, or just finding themselves
2012 is one for the record books.
 I started to wonder if those who are really strong to us that we look up too,
will they admit that they break during the hard times?
I mean, you know I don’t give a damn about telling anyone I’m going through it.
I cry about it, pray about it, and then write about it.
But, who do the strong cry too when they are weakened?
Or, do they even cry at all?
Shit, am I just an emotional bitch?
I had to ask…

Do big boys really cry?

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6 Months To A Year, TOPS!

How would you feel if someone you were dealing with
gave you a time line on how long you were to mess with him…

….before he went and got married and had kids?

…. and he wasn’t even on the D/L?

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