Today Is The Day Star Fox Called Me In Tears

2012 seems like a tough year for everyone.

I thought it was just me going through the fire.
Shit, at this point I could as well take my clothes off and two step within the flames.
But, it seems that everyone I know is dealing with some issue or another.
Whether it is losing jobs, ending of careers, money issues, love drama, or just finding themselves
2012 is one for the record books.
 I started to wonder if those who are really strong to us that we look up too,
will they admit that they break during the hard times?
I mean, you know I don’t give a damn about telling anyone I’m going through it.
I cry about it, pray about it, and then write about it.
But, who do the strong cry too when they are weakened?
Or, do they even cry at all?
Shit, am I just an emotional bitch?
I had to ask…

Do big boys really cry?

Star Fox has been going through it something HEAVY.
After parading around a veil of “I’m good“, the cover finally blew off.
He moved to ATL and some of his job prospects have ended.
He has also encountered the same ol tired Wolves in Southern fur.
The final straw was he lost his wallet today with all of his money and IDs in it.
He called me and proceeded to break down.

This is a side of Star Fox I never really saw.
He is usually the one that I go to and a complete mess for.
My friend, the strength, actually showed me his weakness…
…and it made it feel relieved.

It wasn’t because I was happy for his trials.
I was happy that he finally showed me that he also hurts.
He allowed me to rescue him and give him a kind word
I let him know that things will get better and we are both in line for an amazing breakthrough.
Even though I am going through it HEAVY,
I still try to remain positive.
Today, I had to turn the tables and be his positive motivating force within his life.
I’m sure this made our friendship a lot stronger.

I started to wonder about those who wear a Juggernaut suit.
On the outside, you command this huge armor of brute strength.

They impress us the way they knock down obstacles with a single blow.
We gravitate to them because they sort of protect us when we lack our own Juggernaut inside.
But once their helmet is off, they are open to attacks that actually weaken them.

Why is it so hard for people to show they are hurting?
And why do they look at us who do as weak and need to be rescued?
Can a nigga have a moment or twenty?!?
I had to wonder if maybe they need to be strong for us.
They need to put on that suit and start swinging when things are looking bad.
I like my Wolf to be strong, but I know he has his moments where he hurts too.

So take off your Juggernaut helmet for a minute…

Is it wrong to show your weakness?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Today Is The Day Star Fox Called Me In Tears”

  1. Yes and No.

    I say yes because when a person shows signs of weakness and cries, they will weather the storm and become stronger. From then on, when they will go through adversity easily, and won’t be as emotional and distraught like they were in past experiences.

    I say no because when a person shows signs of weakness, people will often think that the person is a weak individual as a whole, and it will be easy for other to take advantage of that person. We all know some people who cry a lot, but they are mean as hell sometimes, and they have the toughest exteriors. I have a female friend that is like that.

    I know I cry, but for many reasons though, and it’s nothing wrong with that. You know what they say, it’s better out than in.

  2. I consider myself a strong person; but when I hurt, I do it privately. Don’t be fooled by the stern reputation that these people may have for knocking down walls and taking numbers. We all just deal with things differently. It does not make you any less of a person or define your character. My mother is naturally a sensitive woman, but brother, when something needs to be done, SHE is the woman for the job.

  3. “Do big boys really cry?” Hell yes, we cry. “Is it wrong to show your weakness?” That depends. I’m going through some things, too, and I’m sharing everything with my closest friends and family. I’m even candidly sharing with some others, but here’s the thing: because I’ve had to always project strength, people simply do not believe I could be experiencing any difficulty. They look at me a say I look great. (Please don’t take this as though I’m conceited, but I think they are right. I am not exhibiting any signs of despair and some even laugh as though I’m being a drama queen).

    I think you can relate to this, Jamari. In order to pull in new business/contracts, we have to exude confidence and success, especially if that’s what people know about us. To exhibit anything less would interfere with us advancing to the next level or closing that deal.

    This all presents a catch 22. Everybody needs help at some point, but success and positivity draw more cooperation and support. People shy away from losers, so one has to project and protect that image. Fortunately, having “true” friends allows one to really unload and bare his soul.

    I’m glad you were there for Star Fox. If there’s any consolation, I do believe that struggle builds character. If one doesn’t totally lose it and goes off the deep end. one will learn and grow from the trial(s). Some readjustment and refocusing might be in order. We, also, learn what and who are really important in our lives. If it will help any, let Star Fox know it’s not just him.

  4. It’s not a bad thing, but its all about who you share it with…. People these days will use your weakness to ruin you… Some people are just that damn vindictive…. But I believe your weakness should be shared with someone who will be yourstrength

  5. Sharing weakness isn’t a bad thing. Sharing shit over and over everyday that you are ultimately responsible for is tiring, irritating, and old. Losing your wallet or job, being in a car accident, or a cancer diagnosis are things that should be shared. Asking for gas or rent money after you just went to Sizzle or taking some trifling ass wolf back after he stomped a mud hole in your ass–I don’t wanna hear that shit.

    Blowing off steam or needing moral support is cool. Complaining about self-created drama or bullshit is not cool.

    I’m labeled strong, but I just insist on keeping my bullshit (self-created or not) to a minimum so when I do call someone for help they know I really need it. I never ever want to be a burden, so most things I handle on my own so it appears that I never have any problems. When I can’t handle something I have no problem handing it over to someone who can.

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