Razberry Leaks Sex Pictures of Breezy Wolf

Is every Friday, Freaky Friday?
Raz B goes on outing sprees on this day before the weekend,
causing the internet to blow up…


Raz B Releases More Details About his Book

DeMario “Raz B” Thornton plans to expose the Hip Hop world in September 2012.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 01, 2012 –

The music community was rocked when former B2K vocalist Raz B announced the release of his Tell-All Book, “This Boy’s Life”. The revealing memoir, published through New York Based Corona Sky Productions, is set for a September 2012 release. Raz B, born DeMario Thornton, stated that writing the book has been very therapeutic for him. On May 26, 2012, excerpts were leaked online and today even more information has been leaked.

Thornton accuses former IMX member and one time friend Marques Houston of molestation stating:

“I believe Marques (Houston) was a lot like me; young and impressionable. I am confident that he experienced the same type of abuse that Fizz, Boog, myself, and Omari. The difference however is we never carried on with the abuse. We never passed it to another group of young boys. We internalized it, bottled it in, and kept on trucking. Marques is the picture perfect example of victim-turned-abuser.”

He goes to say regarding Houston:

“Marques was too cowardice to show up for court. It wasn’t like he was doing sh-t; if his ‘good name’ was being besmirched, then all the more reason to stand up for himself. Marques never showed up for court; he sent his Chris Stokes appointed lawyer and hid in his apartment.”

In 2011, Raz B released an illegally recorded conversation between himself and R&B singer Quidon Tavers. In the damning video, a tearful Tavers gave a graphic testimony of being raped by both Stokes and Houston. Tavers stated that he had no idea Raz B was recording him. Raz defended his actions by saying in his book, “No one was standing with me. I was sick of being labeled crazy and since none had the nerve to stand up for what was right, I had to employ extreme measures.”

In addition to leaking excerpts from his book, Raz has leaked images, alleged to be singers Chris Brown and Andre Merrit engaging sex act.

In the introduction of his book Raz states “We were a part of one of the biggest acts then, we didn’t have time for a pity party. I didn’t get a chance to feel sorry for myself until recently. This isn’t just my story, this is the story of what really happens behind the scenes.” He also goes on to say, “I rather go down in history being called ‘crazy’ for telling the truth, than be a silent collaborator for crimes against small children.”

Breezy Wolf….!

Raz B is playing a dangerous game.
I think he is somewhere in the mountains,
surrounded by Chinese monks,
and learning some serious Crouching Tiger; Hidden Nigga.

lowkey: i never thought that was Breezy Wolf in that movie.
Andre Meritt is a tall Fox (yes, a Fox).
I could see Breezy Wolf banging his oversized back out tho.

21 thoughts on “Razberry Leaks Sex Pictures of Breezy Wolf

  1. I just want to say that the truth is always hard to swallow. The more these people dirt is starting to surface the more people just want to ignore the red flags that’s waving in front of you. I mean all b.s. to the side for those that say noooo that’s not chris,that can’t be,he’s to sexy to be bi, or some other excuse die hard fans make up because in you guys mind he’s picture perfect. Well you know i actually believe raz b, and the whistleblowers out there that’s calling people out on there shut. That’s because people we need to wake up and stop idolizing celebrities because THEY ARE HUMMMMMAAAANNN. We put so much belief in them we don’t wanna think of them as ordinary people that just live life like us. We seperate the facts because we want someone to believe in our own fantacies.Look proof is there whether you wanna believe or not but that old saying what’s done in the darkness is coming to light, and guess what goodmorning everybody the light is here and y’all can put on your sunglasses all you wont but at the end of the day. Reality says Chris got dirt that’s being exposed and y’all that talking that mess oh it ain’t him, y’all don’t want it to be him messing with that man but book that’s him. Y’all keep on saying good morning

  2. No way that’s him. He was that somewhat muscular back then. And his face look darker.

  3. Raz-B is disgusting to look at at this point i mean why is he even doing this a tell all book he needs to watch him self dudes would murder over shit like this but he’s calling it on him self

  4. if it is him so what i don’t think it is though this pic has been all over the net for a while first it was Chris and bow wow

  5. Awwwwwwwwwww WHY AM I JUST NIW SEEIN THIS!!!!! I can’t wait for this book it sounds so juicy. Damn RazB better not ever show his face again lol. S/N I wonder who too the stills of chris brown????

  6. Wellllll Wellllll welllllll why does this make suchh a good tale for my Saturday morning!!! Hmm you should save those pics cus I can see them “magically” disappearing from the net. I still maintain breezy is at most a hybrid I don’t see that kid topping anyone and yessss Andre is a biiiiiggg ol super foxy fox his twitter yells flllllaaaaamming??? Twitter.com/Andre_Merritt

  7. the real question:
    can someone find that movie to kill these claims….
    i would hate to think my Breezy Wolf is that sloppy.
    then again…

    *takes chris brown dvr and rewinds to various sloppy things he has done in his career*

  8. That ain’t Chris Brown… amateur porno star stuff again.

    Their facial features ain’t matching up and if this happened in 2006, Breezy would have been 17 at the time…

    More @ 11

    Mr. Thornton we gonna need to see some more receipts–valid and verified.

    Side note: Has Raz B been inhaling bath salts too?

  9. Calling Usher Board No#2 and the Mothers Board of the– Hold My Mule While I Shout Baptist Episcopal Methodist Church. Lawd my soul has gone up yonder. Raz B has open up the Fuckery Flood Gates and wont stop until he drags us all to the Gates of Hell. I am rebuking this foolishness in the name of Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx and any other D.L. man in Hollywood who will not approve of these messy tactics. He must be trying to secure his place on the upcoming reality show–When Stunt Queens Attack! Sit down Queen and stop all of this.

  10. OMG……GTFOH. Is that really him? Naw can’t be. I refuse to believe that’s him. It has to be photoshoped or something.

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