I Love It, I Love It (I Love It When We Sword Fight)

The things these D/L celebs do.
Many of which confuse me.
But then again,
as long as you do not piss in my mouth, shit in my ear, or expect me to rape a cow or chicken…
I’m pretty much down for whatever.

I was talking to an Industry Fox last night who told me about an event that went down quite recently…

Picture this.
Invite only.
All the D/L singers, ballers, and rappers.
All in one room.
Sword fighting.


I listened to the story and had to stop in the middle…


*teacher puts on glasses and heads to chalkboard*




(is this the same as dry humping?
I lowkey love a good dry hump session.
I picture a group of men standing up and just clanking their dicks together…
like in Star Wars or some shit…)

I ain’t never heard nann about sword fighting a day in my life.
I often wondered what these D/L events consisted of though…

Did they all go in one room, strip butt booty naked, and bone each other senseless?
Was it a line up of Foxes who throated a Baller Wolf’s dick?
Was it a mixer of Baller Foxes, Wolves, and Hybrids and they go off to separate rooms to fuck?

I use to know this regular Wolf when I was a mere cub still learning the ropes,
who told me about something in LA he got first hand knowledge on.
The Fox he was dating at the time, met a Baller Hybrid who is a world famous choreographer.
He invited the Wolf and his Fox out to LA for a party he was throwing for winning some award.
He told me he went and he noticed the party was just all dudes.
He walked around and saw all these awards that the choreographer won an MTV award for his work.

Anyway, the party went from “Meet N Greet” to “Meat N Freak“.
It turned into a big ass orgy.
He saw a couple actors and models getting their backs blown and blowin’ out backs,
including Mister Baller Hybrid.
He and his Fox were not comfortable with what was going on,
and they decided to smash in the bathroom.
No mention of sword fighting.

I had to wonder if I could go to a party and get it in with an orgy?
As much as I am a freak, I am not down for dick swapping.

A threesome? Yes.
A 10-some, however? No.

I’d rather meet my Baller Wolf, get cuffed, and go from there.
I’m not really into group sex all like that.
I have gotten a few invites, but I turned them down.

Now that I have been introduced to sword fighting
(something it seems a lot of Athlete Wolves like to do),
I may just be down for that.
But realistically, I like to feel a Wolf on top of me and inside me (or inside my mouth, bluntly put).

(He did tell me a lot of Athlete Wolves just like to lay in bed with a Fox and jerk off while you feel him up.
They even break you off bread to do that. I was floored!!!!!)

Is this sword fighting thing the new craze?
Am I late?
Or, am I just on time and about to enter another realm in this industry I didn’t think I would go?
The Baller Wolves, Foxes, and Hybrids of your dreams are naked, masked, and sword fighting

Would you join?

21 thoughts on “I Love It, I Love It (I Love It When We Sword Fight)

  1. I always figured frottage amongst wolves was more of a “sexual compromise” between the two. Since there is a very prominent push against anything remotely feminine in the black gay community, more wolves are starting to date each other now. So there’s a lot of rubbing and humping and mutual masturbation going on.

  2. Dis is making me horny i love dry humping especially on a phat azz but thinking of all those FL Celebes i lust freaking each other ugh i wish there were more stories like this wit more details

  3. We used to do that back in military school. Before I became this comfortable all u did was touch each other and jerk off if it went far u kissed and as it progressed maybe head . Sex is wayyy down the line

  4. Maybe that’s the new thing; I haven’t been to a private party in so long that I don’t know – guess it’s safer though. The sex parties I’ve been to were just that – sex. There were definitely trains ran on a couple foxes there; I just did 1-on-1…maybe a 3some. I did have a crowd watching me pipe down a fox once lol

    1. Lmao! Were they cheering you on? “Hit that shit man! Make it jiggle!”

      A few people watching is cool but a crowd surrounding me like we’re in Junior High and I’m dancing the freakiest at the school dance is weird.

      That would make me feel whorish. Lol

      1. I’m already at the party, so I’m not feeling worse; I think he did tho – he pulled his fitted down low one he realized lol. I just tuned them out – no one tried to touch us, so it wasn’t too bad. I realized I’m not that much of an exhibitionist though lolol

  5. There is nothing wrong with frottage, as long as you don’t have on too much. I actually did it last night.

    Jamari, just forward your unwanted invites to me. I would love to be a spectator at one of these exclusive events.

  6. LAMO!!!! (sips more of my parote bay frozen pouch mango daiquri that i got from the liquor store). Wait all this is too much for me im like jamari i like a good hunch session like the next man but sword fighting is way too much. and they wana call us the sissys atleast we can deal with the penitration. all i see when you say sword fighting is someone like ocho and cam newton jousting with they dicks LOL. ive heard of and been invited to some of those DL parties but was to scared to go, maybe cause i was always invited by a dragqueen on a4a and i never took it seriously

  7. Here’s a Saturday mind fuck for you Most male-on-male sex involves no penetration at all. Not all men who have sex with men engage in anal sex or even prefer it. What went down at Industry Fox’s party is called frottage–frot for short which is dry humping to climax. The other type of non-penetrative sex is called intercrural sex also known as leg or thigh sex.

    Happy hunting.

  8. There is another name for sword fighting but im lazy today and dont feel like looking it up. You can look it up on my blog. They have group parties here in Atlanta ALL the time. They even have underground clubs that cater to that. You would gag if you knew who attend those parties. Some footage of that os on xtube. While I fantasize about group sex, the reality of it makes me sick….

    1. yes sword fighting is for teenagers im grown and need a grown man to fuck me good, not fight with our dicks.

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