Odell Beckham JR Goes Down In Some Leakage?

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 11.43.41 PMi like odell in ^that position.
so you know how i feel about baller wolf for the new york giants,
odell beckham jr.
well an f-bi sent me this alleged picture of him…
lets just say its a mouthful.
and “the curious straights” can view)
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It’s Not “Stealing” Anymore, Its Called “Inspired”.

we have the:
the navy.
little monsters.
what do you call miley cyrus stans?
are you one?
does she even have a fan base yet?
miley has been transforming from this:

tumblr_mm4v7dOueh1qkev9so1_500to this:

tumblr_mm4vsxbd451qdy87yo1_500she’s twerking and all kinda new shit now.
she just had a photo spread in v magazine.
as i looked at the photos,
i couldn’t but wonder…

is “this” really her?

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