You Put In Such Hard Work To Satisfy A Dick In Your Life

the american dollar has lost it’s value.
after all these antics in the government,
it has caused a decline in our worth.
everything worth having has declined also.
one thing that should NEVER decline?
your talents and value.
the other day,
i had something happen that reminded me my worth as a human being.
i’m NOT the fox to settle for less…

so this wolf wanted me to help him with his company.
he knows that i have a good eye and i’m good at what i do.
i accepted his offer and asked him how much was he going to pay me for my services?
he looked at me like i asked him directions in german.

“you know i’m just going to start out with this…”

what that gotta do with me?
i could not stop pondering why he would think i would help him for free?
i told him that my skills are very advanced than the average person and i need payment.
i was nice about it.
i didn’t pull some diva act.
would i go to work for free?

“i didn’t think you would charge your nigga.
where is the loyalty?”

…i quickly dismissed him.
i told him i have a lot on my plate anyway.
thanks, but no thanks.

see here is how it goes…
loyalty these days is just passing words people throw out when they want to put you in a guilt trip.
i been loyal to many and ended up getting screwed in the end.
not even good dick kind of screwed,
but taking my ideas that i provided their companies and advancing.
ironically they crashed and burned because no one has the same thought process like me.
i’m always thinking of ways to grow in whatever i do.
people fall victim to being lazy and UN-motivated and end up losing steam.
black people are notorious for this.

if you NEVER listen to any advice i give you,
listen to this:


the problem with a lot of foxes is if the wolf is fine,
they are willing to do whatever for free in hopes of getting some dick later on.
5 minutes of head and 30 minutes of fucking = a hard worker?
that’s not the fox way of thinking.
some good pipe is great,
but that does not pay the bills.
you have bills and a future.
always remember that.

ya know,
i always admired the secretary who is successfully fucking the boss.
not only is she getting her pay check,
but she is also getting pipe from a powerful man.
if she is a smart bitch,
she is also getting other benefits others aren’t getting.
demanding a raise and getting a promotion.
even though that can be tricky because one wrong move and your ass is out the door.
the secretary knows all the secrets,
she knows how valuable her role is.

if you’re talented,
and other people are requesting your services,
then you need to get paid for it.
i don’t care if he offers you puppy dogs eyes and begs on his hands and knees.
you politely decline and continue to work on your own shit.
the problem with being loyal to some wolf (or anyone) is that loyalty doesn’t come with a contract.
when you upgrade him,
he can easily drop you and replace you with someone else.
someone who may get the pipe and the benefits.
you just get the door and years of wasted time.

so next time it is a friend,
family member,
or that fine ass wolf you want to smash,
remember what jamari fox said:


we don’t accept anything less in the foxhole.

15 thoughts on “You Put In Such Hard Work To Satisfy A Dick In Your Life

  1. Yup. Agreed. Nuthin like holdin on to your worth in every situation…folks is crazy out there always lookin for cheap….quality cost money…

  2. yea i had 2 folks steal a business idea i ran through one of them and they actually started making money from the venture but quickly fell apart, you can steal my print plan but u can’tt have my vision

  3. There’ll always be someone out there who want’s something for nothing.

    I also have to say, that I find the use of the ‘N’ word offensive. Please stop, use your brain and think of some other word to use. It really lowers the tone of this very popular Blog.

  4. Well you know how I feel about this because I have personally written you a letter about this not too long ago.

    It’s not even about the dick or sex.

    People think because you are cool with them (or we family), they are suppose to get a FREE pass. If they are truly your friends and family, then they should know that you need that money. Even if you don’t, you STILL should be paid for your services. I don’t mind a discount here and there, but don’t cheat me for free.

    As far as popularity I deal with this everyday. People hitting me up, wanting me to ‘advertise’ their products, sites, etc but try to be slick about it. I point them to the advertisement button and keep on pushing.

    I don’t explain myself nor do I have the time for it.

    If I want some dick, I will get the dick but I am not going to trade my talents and expertise for it. You got me fucked up…

  5. Don’t tell me this friend of yours offered himself as a payment Jamari? Wow. It ain’t nobody doing nothing for free anymore. This is a recession, and people have to get paid for any services they provide that wouldn’t be free anywhere else.

    1. ^not even!
      he offered me nothing but “we cool, lets make this money, and take over this industry!”

      i heard that shit all before.
      we good here.

  6. Jamari loyalty means nothing these days to people and I found this out yesterday. Catch these Ts, yesterday me and my friends did a secret Santa. Now one of them is moving back to Europe so the “friend” that was his secret Santa got him a book with everybody’s picture BUT ME. The shade he threw my way let me know where I stand with him and that is not as a friend and I have nothing to say to him.

    1. Damn that’s fucked up. People ain’t shit. You’re better than me because I would have went all the way off on his ass.

      1. I really wanted to go off but in the back of my mind I was like he is not even worth it, do not let him get the best of you. Also, I didn’t want to cause any tension or ruin the night for my other friends, especially the one leaving.

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