Braylon Edwards Needs To Be Issued A Court Ordered Vasectomy

braylon is a ny jet again.
he also got another surprise after he came back to new york too…

New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards is being sued for child support again after fathering a second love child with yet another woman, Page Six can exclusively reveal.

Edwards, 29, is being sued in Manhattan Family Court by stunning fashion blogger Ashton Whittington after she gave birth to a son, Ashton Arthur Whittington, who is now 18 months old.

The NFL star — who joined the Jets earlier this month after tweeting “idiots calling shots” were ruining the team and makes his return in tonight’s game — was also sued in 2010 by “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Nik Pace with whom he secretly fathered a son, Braylon Jr., now 3.

A source tells us, “Braylon and Ashton had a relationship, and around the time he was arrested in September 2010 [for DWI], she became pregnant. They are no longer together. He knows about his son and is paying interim child support, but Ashton is suing for a more formal child support agreement.”

In the earlier case, we exclusively revealed that Pace was suing Edwards for child support in 2010. He’d tried to have the case heard in Georgia, hoping “to pay less money.”

He was served in New York after Pace’s attorney Lauren Mallin , who happened to be dining at the same restaurant, Philippe, went to his table and handed him the papers. Edwards later settled with Pace here and agreed to pay support, which sources say is much lower than Pace’s reported $70,000-a-month demand.

Now Whittington has hired top lawyer Mallin, who tells us, “We expect Mr. Edwards to provide appropriate support for his child.”

In March, Edwards tweeted his undying love to most recent girlfriend Victoria Bow, “I will never let you down. You are my world . . . My twin, my soul, my earth, my beginning and my end. Damn, I am on top of the world.”

A Jets rep declined to comment. Edwards’ lawyer Howard Michael Rudolph said he is “honoring his financial obligations, and there is an agreed [temporary] order in place.”


how quickly did he become unattractive?
he already had a child support issue with nik pace.
he became instantly disgusting for me last month.
a vixen that knows him told me if doesn’t like to use condoms.
he basically likes to go RAW in everything.
this story is not surprising now and i was over it, and him, pretty fast.

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the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Braylon Edwards Needs To Be Issued A Court Ordered Vasectomy”

  1. How can something so beautiful be so disgusting & low down? *runs backstage, bumps against wall, falls and cries like I’m on Maury*

  2. Asking for 70k a month for child support? That’s ridiciulous. She was clearly a groupie and knew exactly what she was doing to get his money. These vixens out here are ruthless and will get you. I can tell he has a thing for the high yellow ones but that’s to be expected. It baffles me how he’s so reckless and not wanting to use a condom knowing what the consequences are.

    Should have a gotten a fox. We can’t have kids. I’m juts saying…

      1. word on the wire is he was brought back to keep Sanchez happy …. so does that mean he likes it raw everywhere …??

    1. What if Foxes could have babies? Now I know that’s strange, but could you imagine? Dudes would be having kids and shit everywhere. It would be a mess lol.

  3. He definitely has a type he goes for.

    If he was messing with foxes he would’ve caught something that he can’t pay for every month.

  4. How hard is it to throw on that condom? You know what’s gonna happen if you get a girl pregnant, and yet…*sigh*

    Stupid hoe

  5. I agree with Vain, a fox cant have a baby.. But dang Jay, idk what type of foxes you know but this fox doesn’t have non the above. All Braylon has to do is screen everyone, both foxes and vixens and make sure they dont have no diseases

  6. How come good looking men with money are so damn dumb, whew, lawd knows that this is my fantasy dude, but he gives me dumb as a box of rocks and really thats how I like them if I tell the truth, but the added drama will always get on your nerves after a while, it gets old real fast. Braylon wrap that big thing up or call ya boy when you feeling some type of way 🙂 Now this trick is beyond crazy if she needs 70K a month to raise a child, these heux’s have gotten out of hand.

    1. No, these ballers have gotten out of hand. They know who and whats out there. They choose to have raw sex and get these women knocked up. I say get as much money from they ass. Make sure you and your child set for life!

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