are the two popular males smashin’ because they’re in each other IG stories?

a foxholer hit me up with a question yesterday.
it was about an ig attentionisto who had another ig attentionisto in his stories.
they were posing after what seemed like an intense workout.
the question was:

“Do you think they’re fucking?”

after watching the ig story,
i had one answer on what i saw…


i didn’t get any sexual chemistry plus they both never admitted they’re in the foxhole.

In the Foxhole: Anyone who is gay or bi.
They could be out,
or dl.

i mean this means nothing,
but i was told one was in a whole relationship with a vixen.
i don’t want to get in the habit of thinking males are gay because they chill.
that is what males do.
people in general.
most males chill with other males on strictly platonic shit,
but because of social media,
they have become groupies for other males with a following.
anyone will attach to you because you are in the higher digits on social media.
they don’t like you because you’re cool; they like the benefits of being associated with you.
it’s the equivalent of two celebs hanging tough and in pictures together.

It’s all superficial especially when it’s on social media.

now that doesn’t mean some of these males aren’t sneaky linking with each other,
but i won’t assume until i get more evidence.

there have been wolves in my life that folks hyped up their alleged attractions to me.
someone always says how they been caught them looking at me like a sandwich.
always hyping up some negro who wastes my time.

he really liked you.
He is so interested in you.
Look at how he looks at you and is always around you.
Blah blah blah.”

…and then nada comes of it.

i feel like all the wolves i’ve really liked were always hyped.
i’m tired of the hype.

lowkey: we gotta be careful with those assumptions too.
some straight vixens love a witch hunt especially if they see you hanging with some male.
they will destroy ya’ll reputation off some platonic shit.
God forbid he is fine and they are attracted to him…

It has happened to me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “are the two popular males smashin’ because they’re in each other IG stories?”

  1. Tbh it seems like everyone is always trying to make people be hooking up. You got people saying that straight men and women can’t be friends and that they are only “friends” because one doesn’t have the opportunity to get with the other. Then you got some people who think anytime males have a good relationship and don’t mind showing it that they have to be smashing and trying to hide it. And look for any little thing to justify it. Too many people of all ages aren’t mature enough to comprehend that males can have healthy platonic relationships and be fine with that.

    1. Some gay men can’t get their heads out of the gutter unfortunately. EVERY TIME whenever two good looking men hang out, heterosexuals at that, you will have those horny gay men who always suspect that they’re fucking. Shit is weird.

  2. Jonathan is Canadian… not American. Take culture into account before projecting.

  3. I follow him on IG and he always came off as trying to hard. I’m not saying he’s gay but just a little off, is all.

  4. I have followed the guy in this picture Jonathan for 4 or 5 years.He has mentioned that he was straight, when asked.I like that he always acknowledges and thanks his male admirers when they they call him handsome,sexy, fine,etc.

    A few years ago, I told him I respected him for treating everyone the same because I noticed some men who said they were straight would ignore compliments/comments from men or delete the comments.I think he said he appreciated the compliments,If I remember correctly.

    1. ^he had a video with adrian conrad and i got the question if he they’re smashing.
      the same when he posts with ryan harden or they are in the same vicinity.

      they were both cool and appreciative to me about compliments so ill take their word for it.

  5. Ain’t ole boy in the picture coo with fine ass Ryan and Adrian? πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ˜Ά

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