malik joseph and knockout show us what happens when the sex is good?

*the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i’ve learned that when someone has really good sex,
it can bypass your commonsense.exe programming.

The sex can be absolutely terrible

it’s the connection that keeps you around.
folks with low self-esteem suffer the most with this.
it’s worst when it’s sex because it can be like a drug.
every stroke or grip makes you fall deeper into the abyss of despair.
after accusing malik joseph of being abusive,
showing cuts and scraps on social media,
knockout and malik joseph decide to do this…


caption: “dick so good“.

legs intertwined and moaning like he’s in heavenly bliss.
i mean,
it happens.
we see it in our real lives all the time including with ourselves.
someone gets their feelings hurt,
claims they are “over” them,
and they are back to fuckin or dating the same toxic individual again.
i take that they (we) didn’t get their (our) feelings hurt hard enough yet.
jody and yvette in baby boy is a perfect example.
we know people like this.
we been like this!

Am I the only one shocked by this situation is happening with Knockout?

i figured it’d be with one of the “straights” malik deals with on his onlyfans.
you never know who someone is sneaky linking up with.

lowkey: always remember…

It might look WACK to you,
but sometimes it means the world to someone else.

5 thoughts on “malik joseph and knockout show us what happens when the sex is good?

  1. Yuck. Both diseased, both ran through, both played out rat looking thots.

    1. TBH, I always just assume most of those OF guys are just passing STDs along. They’re all constantly fukn raw, and they’ve all filmed w each other. You see the dormant syphilis rash all over sooo many bottoms’ asses, prep doesn’t help w anything other than hiv, and there’s a lil thing called herpes that’s probably the most rampant of them all. Not trying to shame sex workers, but I’m always like, ‘am I the only person who has questions about this??’

      1. Yeah they definitely are spreading STDs and god knows what ever diseases. It’s so disgusting and irresponsible. Most of these OF thots rarely/never wear condoms they think only PREP is okay. They must be mentally inept or something because how can be so careless? It’s a shame & tbh I see a lack of condoms within the heterosexual industry as well, like I saw a tweet by a straight pornstar basically condemning condoms like using them were a bad thing. It’s so sad how much society has regressed considering how like 25-30 years ago the use of condoms was heavily pushed for.

      2. Not a β€œ dormant syphilis rash ” πŸ’€ But for real, I too have thought the same thing about the transmitting of diseases like that.

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