dwyane wade speaks about his other daughter, zaya wade

can i just font the wade’s baby girl is so cute!
she is going to be a natural on camera.
so as you know,
dwyane wade has another daughter.
her name is zaya wade.
she is in ^that picture behind kaavia.
dwyane went on “ellen” to discuss how she came out to them,
as well as how they had to educate themselves over her transition…

so zaya is transgendered?
i just want to be clear.
he said they reached out to the cast of “pose” for more help so i assumed.
either way,
this is really special and inspiring.
we live in an entirely new era.
i feel it’s a different story than those who don’t have money and access tho.
they can afford to protect zaya from these cruel forests unlike many others.
gabrielle posted a tweet introducing us to zaya today:

i’m glad they are being good parents to this child.
the rest need to follow so their kids can have better stories to share.
many who had to chance to come out to their parents didn’t.

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9 thoughts on “dwyane wade speaks about his other daughter, zaya wade”

  1. I get the feeling that he/she is doing this for attention since he/she isn’t the youngest child any more. I could be wrong….

    1. You sound so fucking stupid. What if someone said you were being gay for attention?! As a gay man I’m sure you went through many of the questions, insecurities and fears that she did about coming to terms with yourself stop being so fucking Anti-trans in a desperate attempt to showcase your masculinity.

  2. I don’t understand why this needed to public. As a parent you’re supposed to keep your child off of social media for as long as you can and have them reading, learning, growing, socializing, honing their talents/hobbies. This will just open up his child to more bullying and criticism as well as put a target on their back.

    This will sexualize the child and I feel LGBT Pride could have been enough. I believe in sharing good news with people who will be happy with you. Black gay gets enough flack. Black trans are at the bottom of the barrel and I would try to shield my child as much as possible.

    I really hope they don’t consider hormones. Kids want to do soccer, violin, ballet, football, karate, play an instrument…something you feel as a child shouldn’t dictate the rest of your life. Let her dress as she pleases, but I am against hormones and hormone blockers before 18.

    A cute picture with a Pose castmember and “this is my big sis. I’m little sis” would have sufficed as the gay community interchanges pronouns all of the time.

  3. Bravo!!!

    “From the mouths of babes”

    .Representation is important . I am glad The Wades are going public .As a Gay ,Black Man , I know what its like to be forced to live in a way that doesn’t come natural. Many of our problems are based deep in self – identity and self acceptance. This story is both reaching and teaching others who may be harmed by loosing their way .

    Open your mind to step outside of your thoughts ,your beliefs and your opinions.. We would still be SITTING AT THE BACK OF THE BUS if it were not for acceptance !!!!

  4. In another interview with Matt Barnes and another guy, Dwyane said he knew when his child was 3 that his child was not like his older son that his child was feminine and may be gay.This family has been dealing with this for almost a decade. I’m sure they have sought advice on how to deal with this as high profile people and they are doing what’s best for their child, Zaya,by following her lead.I’m glad she is living her truth and is proud of who she is and has a loving,supportive family.

  5. A lot of celebrity kids can end up like EJ, Magic Johnson’s son. Wade’s is the first to actually admit they want to be someone who they feel they truly are. It took Chaz Bono a minute. Jaden Smith once admitted he wanted to cut his dick off and just be like a “ken doll” with no genitalia. He didn’t want to be Trans, Gay, he just wanted to be Human. Zaya is going to grow up and slay when she gets of age. I wouldn’t be surprised if she does an Amiyah Scott. With Gabby and D Wade as your parents you got education and you got money so… Zaya gone do her thing. If her daddy and mama not complaining, I don’t have a problem with it either.

  6. I am happy for Zaya. So many young children desire to do what she is doing but are unable to due to ignorant parents and lack of support. Because she is starting so early, she can block the horrific changes testosterone will bring to one who identifies as transfeminine. It is important that she is able to blend into society. The earlier the better. She is so intelligent and will be a beautiful dark skinned doll, especially with all the access her family has to the best of medicine.

  7. Regardless of the situation, just refreshing to see parents of color accepting and standing with their child, especially when it seems to not be the popular standpoint from the masses in regards to sexuality.

    (The name Zion is already unisex though, so wondering why the name change. Wondering if the middle name changes too.)

  8. I’m so happy for her. She’s living her truth. She has a supportive family! I don’t see why so many people are up in arms over this.

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