just when we were forgetting about the jussie smollett drama…

is this jussie smollett drama still a thing?
it’s been a year,
well jussie has been indicted on new charges from that alleged racist and anti-gay attack.
you know the one we fonted about in nauseam when it first happened.
according to “cbs chicago“…

Actor Jussie Smollett has been indicted on six new charges of disorderly conduct, accusing him of filing false police reports claiming he was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack last year.

A special Cook County grand jury handed down the new indictment on Tuesday, following a six-month investigation by special prosecutor Dan Webb.

In a statement, Webb’s office said Smollett filed four separate false police reports claiming he was the victim of a hate crime.

The grand jury’s investigation revealed that Jussie Smollett planned and participated in a staged hate crime attack, and thereafter made numerous false statements to Chicago Police Department officers on multiple occasions, reporting a heinous hate crime that he, in fact, knew had not occurred,” Webb said in a statement.

Jussie Smollett Indictment by ToddFeurer on Scribd

dan k. webb statement:

Webb Statement on Smollett … by ToddFeurer on Scribd

the city of chicago has no plans of letting their paws off his neck.
they ain’t gonna stop until he is under the jail.
good grief.
i figured we had all moved onto whatever drama has happened after.


i guess they needed to squeeze a little more after the anniversary of the alleged attack.

article cc: cbs chicago

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16 thoughts on “just when we were forgetting about the jussie smollett drama…”

  1. Im glad he needs to be held accountable. Children and Black people are going in droves in Chicago and they spent time, money and energy to find his attackers that didnt exist. Then two brothers almost were implicated. He wont go to jail but at least he’ll be held accountable. If you or I lied to police we would face charges so he should too.

  2. In my gut I still believe he is innocent.I think if he was guilty he would have cut a deal a long time ago and he would not be suing the Chicago police officers/Dept who conducted both investigations.A grand jury will indict a ham sandwich.I look forward to the trial so we can see their evidence and his defense team can do their job in court.
    I still stand with Jussie and it was nice seeing video of him at the Black AIDS Institute Heroes in the Struggle Gala this past weekend.Just like his work with the Flint kids.He hasn’t let this BS stop him from doing the charity work(AIDS,Flint water crisis) he has being doing for years as an activist.

  3. ….The FBI is also involved…..they’ve obtained access to his entire Google Cloud of messages, emails, phone calls, and pictures…this ain’t a joke. They wouldn’t re-indict if they Didn’t have anything. Shit is about to hit the fan…stay tuned.

  4. At first he had everybody with him… until he told his story how it happened. If you ever been to Chicago in the dead of Winter, you would know, late night food runs, that’s a sent off mission alone. If you remember Martin when Cole went out in the storm for a Pizza and came back frozen including the pizza, that’s the weather Chicago gets. Not to mention, it was in the middle of the Polar Vortex which was well way below 20 below zero. Who the fuck is going to walk half a mile for a cold ass Subway sandwich when the temperature is more than 20 degrees below zero! The sandwich is going to be frozen soon as you get home, period. Chicago has to wear Alaska type of Coats for Winter. You have to dress like an eskimo to battle that weather. You get attacked and they throw bleach all over you, yet instead of going back in Subway and asking them to call the police, you walk half a mile, with bleach covered all over you, in temperatures way below zero degrees, take a shower, but leave the noose around your neck to show police when they come but don’t want to cooperate. They write better scenarios than that on Empire. You see they gave Claire Huxtable one of the most shocking roles. They are gunning for him.

    1. Well said! Something just never added up. It just seemed like everybody wanted to go along with this “2+2=5” mess but everybody know it equals 4 all day long! Jussie just needs to go away from the spotlight, stop trying to be the “gay Tupac” attentionisto, and get some therapy/counseling. Im glad he is being held accountable.

  5. I wonder if he is actually innocent and this is some kind of inside setup?

    Either way, I ain’t never seen them go this hard after someone. They on his case like he a serial killer.

    Like that white girl who likes and said black men raped her.

    In any case, I wish they go ahead and do what they gonna do and get it done. I honestly thought this was already over and done.

  6. Imagine starring in a hit TV show, making up to $65,000 an episode, have a record deal, and lots of adoring fans at your disposal and then deciding that’s not enough so you pull a stunt like this!!! SMH. It’s a shame he decided to waste his life on stupid shit like this cause he gon end up in jail. And being gay and famous in jail he might not survive it. Tbh though we all know if he was white they would have cleared him of all charges after he paid some hush hush money and left him alone to go into obscurity. Either way what a waste of a privileged life.

    1. Yes! Like Chris Rock said,”What a waste of light skin privilege.” Jussie is the classic tale of ego, narcissism, and attention seeking gone wrong. I think he has some kind of mental illness or personality disorder and all those hangers on and Hollywood enablers and stanning fans just sent him over the deep end. Remember years ago when he had his brother take that charge for him during that drunk driving incident? Pride goeth before the fall.

  7. I’ve had enough of this tired gurl and story.
    Juicy had the most lines on Empire and still was greedy for more.
    Dumb f***
    Anyone who supports this liar is a fool and stupid…HE LIED…PERIOD!
    Black gay men should be angry at this fool

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