derek jr will be leaking his own pipe and sex leakage

this ain’t baiting tumblr days no more foxhole.
we in a whole new era of “ima leak my own shit“.
love to see it.
derek jr,
a foxhole fav,
is one of them.
as you know,
derek has been on the attentionisto scene for a hot minute.
he is known for being steven beck’s friend,
his stupidly defined pecs,
his fantasy-like pics,
and his slow motion boomerangs on his ig.
during the tumblr baiting days,
his alleged nudes leaked and it looked like he was carrying a monster.
in 2020,
he has joined the others in making a few extra coins.
you already know how…

Derek Jr has joined “Onlyfans”

that’s the cost of an entire album.
unlike back then,
we didn’t know if we were paying for trash.
these days,
folks will tell you if an “onlyfans” is worth it.
i still think folks should start their shit at 5-10 bucks and build.
13 isn’t as bad,
but we need more content.
a foxholer already sent me a leaked image from the first video:

it’s him in the shower with part of his pipe showing.
so i’d like to see:

good fuckin (of course)
pov doggystyle to r&b music

his love of eating the booty
rubbing oil and having someone massage those juicy pecs of his


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Feeding these muscles after a good gym session 🔛

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Abs check before hitting this pool with the fam for a little BBQ hope yaw having a good Sunday

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…and whatever freaky shit he can think of.
when you cross into “onlyfans”,
it needs to be worth it allllllllll.
13.99 starting should be next to amazing.
good luck derek jr.
i’ll be watching.

you can check out derek jr “onlyfans”: click here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “derek jr will be leaking his own pipe and sex leakage”

  1. Been following this hottie on Insta for years now so I’m definitely looking forward to see what’s up with his onlyfans, I hope it’s good

  2. $14….for what exactly?

    Y’all charging Netflix and Prime fees with no content now?

    How do you charge people money for doing nothing? Lord, some of these muscle dudes…

    I do understand that going to the gym raises confidence but let’s no get to the point where we assume men deserve a dollar just for breathing, eating and bathing.

    I hope whoever he is, that his OnlyFans has actual sexual content and not the boring videos I’ve seen in the post.

  3. He’s gorgeous but as Jammy says, $14 for basically zero on OF is close to a scam.

    Drop that cost to $5, increase that video total to 10, have at least half the videos be him cumming to climax and the other half be sex with another person (preferably a MAN), and $10 might be worth it.

    Also, to prove his OF isn’t trash, post mini preview videos on Twitter. If you don’t know how, follow the example of Rhyheim, Krave Melanin, the Sip & Paint crew, etc.

    Otherwise, NOPE.

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