lamont johnson opens up about your concerns on his alleged bisexuality

well he did it.
lamont johnson has inched his way to being the it attentionisto.
you know that spot gets filled every other week.
as you know,
he rattled the internet with ( x this ) yesterday.
well he got on his ig stories to answer many of your questions.
check out the ones i know the foxhole been asking


ya’ll didn’t ask him what he meant when he said:

“Miss me with that gay shit.”

i mean he raised his onlyfans to a good 40 dollars:

is his onlyfans that good?
lamont is striking me as “pay to play“.
i don’t know if that rules out sexuality,
but it seems like he does all of this to take care of his daughter.
i guess that’s good,

if this is what i’m gathering from him…

He will be down for whatever as long as the money is right?

article cc: onlyfans

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

40 thoughts on “lamont johnson opens up about your concerns on his alleged bisexuality”

  1. Men like him get on my nerves. You’re bisexual it doesn’t take guts to get your ass ate by another Man. These folks dickeating him for real. Smh straight Men don’t engage in homosexual sexual behavior at all for any amount of money

    1. Exactly! And this can’t be his first time doing this either. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: PEOPLE DO NOT EXPERIMENT FOR THEIR FIRST TIME ON CAMERA! That’s just an illusion that porn tries to create. Nobody loses their virginity in a porno. No man/woman sleeps with another man/woman for their first time in a porno.

    2. Umm if they’re too lazy or unable to get a regular job that pays to their satisfaction they certainly will lol

    3. Thank you, Malcolm. I have said this many times, and get my head damn near chewed off every time. If a dude messes with another dude and women, he is bisexual. Ain’t no gay for pay…that’s just a clever attempt to lie to themselves.

  2. He’s gaslighting everyone with the whole “you can think what you want. Imma let you be great” bit. Like, sir… you got your booty licked. Live with the choice you made. Don’t make everyone else seem crazy because YOU went and did some guy-on-guy action (for cash) tf

    1. His booty wasn’t just licked, it was eaten up like birthday cake and he wasn’t freaking out either, he was enjoying it. Truthfully, though, he can call himself whatever he wants, and nowadays people are both claiming all kinds of identities yet also rejecting labels. I agree with JamariFox that someone following him should ask him about that that “gay sh!t” comment, and I hope he’s thought a bit about that and rejects his previous homophobic attitude.

  3. Chile, next! And his wack ass ain’t even worth the $40 a month. Smh. He’ll be clapping those cakes on a dildo soon and spreading down while “exercising” just like Lamont. Rinse and repeat.

  4. Y’all crazy thinking people won’t do anything for money in a pandemic!

    Him like most of these Instagram models are covert sex workers. Just like women that have no interest in snatch will have some drinks, pop a pill, and chew some pussy, a pineapple will smoke some weed, drink some dark liquor and do whatever for enough money.

    I highly doubt he was paid as much as he claims, but his rent and car note could be covered for a month or two. Lol

  5. Im actually surprised he didn’t go above and beyond to validate his “straightness” maybe he’s at a point in time where he’s more comfortable with his sexuality (whatever it is) For some people it takes time.

    Secondly, Everybody wants to say certain things doesn’t exist, I can sure tell you “gay for pay” doesn’t exist. Sure some have done the unthinkable when desperate times hit. But in this case he did this because he wanted too, not because he needed too. It’s blatantly voluntary. And from the looks of it, he enjoyed the experience. The “fake” straight Dallas wade should be taking notes.

    1. This. This right here. Absolute truth. Ain’t no way I’m paying all that money to only play lizard. Got me all the way fucked up. We are definitely smashing for sure.

      1. 25k is odee, and is it confirmed that it was actually Malik who propositioned him the 25k? Let’s not assume. Regardless, I still don’t buy the “I’m only trying to feed my daughter” tactic. I sense He’s more seasoned with dudes than what he wants to admit, which is the gimmick. Everyone’s talking about Lamont and not Malik, because Lamont is the “prize” since he’s the highly desired “straight” for whatever reason gays eat that “straight guy” fantasy up. if this was two openly gay dudes, it probably wouldn’t even be blog worthy.

    2. Boy bye…You mean he gave you 25 thousand followers. That’s about it. You wanted those cakes eaten! Tell the truth and be done with it already.

  6. Okay so Lamont is an open moneysexual. Good for him. I mean like I said before I’m convinced all attentionistos are moneysexuals. Now granted I personally do believe this doesn’t necessarily make them gay or bi because the sexuality spectrum is fluid and endless (more for some and less with others) and he’s legit only doing male on male action if there’s money involved however the part that got me is how he was being praised for his “bravery” of being in a porn video with a guy and a girl. …How…is…that bravery? He’s doing something he’s been doing for probably over a year now. Fucking on a camera. Like…what? And if they’re alluding to him being brave because he let a guy eat him out…again…how is that bravery? He went into the situation with a plan to get paid and knew full well and agreed to what was gonna happen in the video. I mean your mans cleaned the bussy and got it ready for action (at least I’m assuming/hoping he did unless Malik took a trip to the chocolate factory gags) so in what way is that courageous? Lost city over here.

    1. Listen, if money can make you a equal opportunist for a male or female, you might as well stop identifying as straight. Yet on the other side of the token the “straight” image is what brings in the revenue. So I see why some still hold up that facade.

      1. I mean yes and no. Excluding Lamont, because judging from how he answered his questions imo he is either straight up bi or at best a pansexual. But, for others like him I do think that some can still identify as straight because at the end of the day if there’s no cash involved they are not doing anything with a male. AT ALL. And when all is said and done (literally) they prefer and desire a female companion in terms of dating, fucking or marrying. Not to mention that some “gay for pays” can be EXTREMELY abysmal to the point where it’s blatantly obvious that they’re ONLY doing this for the money. Also you can be straight and just be extremely comfortable with your sexuality. Virtually at least 40% of pornstars can be seen in this regard.

        1. I agree with that. It reminds me of older str8 porn star, Byron Long. He did a gay porn a long time ago (Im assuming when he first came on the scene) and it was horrible! U could literally tell he was doing it for a check…he wasn’t even hard. Seeing that dick go in the other dudes ass was like seeing a soggy fry go into a milkshake…it bent every time. After watching that…I knew he was str8 n it was gay for pay cause aint no way, lol.

          As far as Lamont goes. I think him having that girl there with them was just in case he got turned on, he could say it was from her and not him. I need to see Malik eating his ass out by himself with no female around…lets see if his dick get hard, lol

      2. Why does it matter what he identifies as? I’m here for some of the mess but folks are way too invested in a silly label. I don’t blame him – I wouldn’t answer those questions either. The people will speculate anyway based on why their rules for straight/bi/pan/gay are.

  7. He is sexy, but it is not brave or anything like that. You agreed to a price for a service sir. Now if dude spent $25K and all he did was eat (nibble) some cakes and didn’t get his cheeks clapped, he is a bad negotiator and Lamont is a better business man than we thought. If Lamont is lying about how much he was paid, then he is just letting you know his price for the Top experience; somebody needs to get their coins up and schedule a session.

    Doing some same sex stuff for money doesn’t make you bi, gay or brave, it makes you an “every dude has a price guy” and to that I say “do you.” TBH, it wouldn’t be an issue if he never posted that “miss me with the gay shit” comment. He should have said “gay costs you extra; come back when you can afford it.”

    Anyway, somebody send me the pirated link to the video so I can FF through the heterosexuality.

  8. 25k in what monopoly money? 😂 Please don’t believe everything you read. The “gay for pay” / “I’m just getting my booty tongued down for my daughta bruh” angle is also an out not just for him, but deluded gays that need him to be “straight”. Clearly this was not his first time messing around with dudes in some way and in 2020 its not really not that big a deal. As I said before the bi tag which doesn’t legitimately exist to most and is near always morphed into the gay tag is a lightweight death sentence on onlyfans. That’s all this whole deal is.

  9. Getting mad because somebody isn’t straight forward about their sexuality is stupid as hell.
    if this individual did come out as openly gay does not mean you or I have a chance with him.
    so why get mad over something that isn’t our business in the first place.

    1. @Deron Williams, Bro you are my spirit animal in these comments LOL! How anybody identifies is there business and not mine, if you say you Str8 so be it, many times we worry about the wrong things. Many Black men who identify as Str8 but who swim in the male pond more than likely will only swim in there with one dude, and more than likely he has a strong emotional connection to that dude so even liking and lusting after some str8 identifiable male he is still not going to give you the time of day. I have never really bought that just because a dude has sex with a male he is gay or even bi. More than likely he is Crazy LoL. If you never accept yourself as gay or bi what is the point of everyone else trying to put you in that box. Many of us have dealt with these type of dudes on a sexual level but their hearts and emotions are still with females. I have learned the hard way that good sex is not going to equal a good emotional connection and that goes for even dudes who identify as gay. We give good looking nobodies like Lamont too much attention in this social media world we live in.

  10. There’s a vid of the Malik dude drunk queening out and laughing at this 25k nonsense. Also said if anything he was the one paid.

    1. Mannn…I knew some drama was about to go down with “which one is telling the truth” unless they using this a publicity stunt. Shit, we might need to ask the girl that was with them to verify everything. I know they didn’t have her sign a NDA, lol

  11. I just read the post about Malik from Feb 2019 when he outed a NFL player.A person named Lucas commented that Malik is “an extortionist with serious mental issues”.He posted a tweet from FlavaWorks saying Malik was rejected to model and later claimed the interviewer raped him and he asked for cash to forget it.FlavaWorks said they knew he was lying because they had cameras everywhere.

    If this is true Lamont better be careful. Maybe Malik can’t fight but he could be a problem, he already outed a football player.He may release some information or video Lamont doesn’t want out.

    1. Lucas is the owner of FlavaWorks.. that’s what the models call him. If he’s tweeting that then it’s probably true. The dude that’s he’s talking about who was interviewing was probably Vince.

  12. His onlyfans is cap!!! Nothing but pics and 1 min clips of bullshit. The ass eating and fucking video are not posted at all. Also in relation to the three-some, he has a 10 second massage clip and a still photo. BOOOOO! Do NOT waste your $40. Always check JF or Twitter

  13. I would personally consider Lamont bi, while that other dude (that did the video with holliwud) is a moneysexual. He barely started hard while getting head. I think – even here – there’s a stigma about bisexuality, like folks have to be gay or straight & there’s a spectrum and fluidity. Perhaps more men (and women) would be open if pansexual and bisexual was more accepted.

    In any case, we’ll see if there are more videos forthcoming to confirm…

  14. Lamont is nothing but a low down dirty ass nigga that we need to stop giving shine to because he’s garbage. People are blinded by his muscles and ass but those same muscles will be used to whip your ass because you made a pass at him. He’s flat out dogged us, why do we want a rat like him in our community? WE got to do better than this. Seriously

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