Karma Served My Old Boss A Dish Served Chill

ain’t karma a funny thing?
as much as i gave myself to my last job,
i was still treated like trash.
i’ve been happier since i started finding myself.
i don’t miss the job,
but i do miss my peers that i formed relationships with.
well i got a call from an old co worker today.
we were catching up and then she said…

“it looks like your old boss got his karma….

…he actually hired someone to take your place shortly after you left.”

“i thought the department was eliminated?”

but he could have kept you in your position.
this person he hired was not qualified for the position.
he ended up getting fired last week.
not only that,
he was put on the security list from ever coming into the building again.
we are trying to find out why.”

i couldn’t contain my laughter.

“everyone really misses you.
when they hired that new guy,
everyone was saying how he wasn’t like you.
things got worse since you left.”

that made me feel good.
i am missed when i felt like they moved on.
nothing feels better when those who do you wrong get their karma.

lowkey: don’t sweat revenge.
let it go and those who hurt you will suffer.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Karma Served My Old Boss A Dish Served Chill”

  1. Karma is sitting there with her legs crossed showing her red bottoms, with a sly smile sipping her tea 😉

  2. I’m believe in a slow death. when you do me wrong. I just seat back watch everything you try do fall apart. to theirs nothing else for you do.

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