your boss is loved by everyone, but they treat you like shit

you ever had a boss who everyone spoke highly of,
but they treated you like pure shit?
you almost felt like you were the crazy one.
it felt like a mind fuck.
they had so much power and influence over people that the responses would be:

she is so pleasant!”


is so cool.
Are you sure YOU didn’t do something?”

to add insult to injury,
they can use that influence to turn people against you.
they can lie and make you appear to be this horrible worker/person.
i get that impression when it comes to ellen and these allegations surrounding her.
as you know,
she is being accused of ( x creating a toxic work environment ).
this is what katy perry and kevin hart had to add…

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the game premiered for their sixth season tonight.
i know you guys were excited about that.
derwin said bye.
ciara is on it.
lauren london isn’t a “new new“.
my latest prey:


… made his debut.
i got the first episode below for the foxhole…

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