read this before you start being all dramatic if fenty skin jacks your skin up

i love rihanna with a passion,
but i didn’t hop on the fenty skin wave like everyone else.
it’s not because i don’t support my bajan sis,
but i am on a particular skin care regiment that is high key working.
skincare isn’t like makeup.
even with make up,
you use the wrong product,
and it will break you out.
someone on twitter posted pictures of what happened while allegedly using fenty skin.

“old girl”?

that right there was the “uh huh” in this story.
someone who genuinely likes rih would call her by her name.
i see what type of time this person is on already,
but i’ll bite.

This is his fault.

did he research these products before he tried them?
this is a relatively new line and i wasn’t coppin’ shit until i saw a review in regards to oily skin.
i’m always researching anything before i put it on my face.
i don’t have sensitive skin,
but my skin is a legit oil slick at times.
i tend to break out if my skin gets too oily.
even tho oily skin is a blessing,
i always have to use products to combat that.
the way rihanna was talking,
it seemed like this was for combo skin tbh.

that def wouldn’t have worked for me.

when you get any skincare product,
there is always a risk involved as well.
you should always do patch tests on your thigh or arm before you apply to your face.
i’ve been on my skincare journey since i was a teenager.
proactiv was my first starter product.
the one on the commercials was like water on my skin.
i had to get the stronger version to see any kind of difference.
one thing i’ve realized with some skincare products…

Sometimes they break you out before things start to clear up.

folks break out,
think it’s not working,
and rush to try something else.
 products can work immediately,
 deep clean your pores to bring all the filth out,
and other times it doesn’t react well to your skin.
jumping from skincare products to skincare product isn’t wise unless one just isn’t working.

This is my advice on your skincare journey.

figure out what your skincare type is (dry, oily, combo) and start researching products.
during the rona lockdown,
i did so much research because i wanted to glo tf up.
who i was before i got let go from my job was gonna be completely different once we outta rona season.

SuperGoop sunscreen
Biweekly facials

Vitamin C
Hyaluronic acid serum
A good eye cream

hydration and daily dumps helps too.
laugh all you want,
but backed up shit can cause acne.
i wasn’t playing and my results have been amazing.
good skin makes you feel really confident.
fenty skin seems like a good starter for those who are new to this.
i might be a completely different animal.

if fenty skin doesn’t work for you,
don’t fret and be all dramatic on social media.
there is a skincare system you’ll find that will give you the results you’re looking for.
find it.

lowkey: i’m interested in pca skin.
i’m gonna do more digging before i make a purchase.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “read this before you start being all dramatic if fenty skin jacks your skin up”

  1. Skin health is no joke, love ri but I will never understand why people purchase department store moisturizers and expect them to work for their skin. If dermatologists aren’t selling or recommending it then leave it alone, unless it’s 100% organic (which works best for me). Chanel also sells some skincare products, people are drawn to the popular labels and celebrity name, which are the catalyst for these constant sells. Fragrances are fine with me, but skincare is a totally different ball game.

  2. Essential oils >> Any magical skincare nonsense. I try coconut oil, sunflower oil, watermelon, etc until one did what I wanted it to. I see how it reacts to my skin. And I do it without breaking the bank. Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid works for me as well. Aloe Vera is great for burns and scars.

  3. Rihanna has been testing this product on every skin type for over 4 years she formulated this skin care line to be as universal and conscience as possible. Of course I agree that it won’t work but if it was doing half of what these so called buyers claimed it was I’m sure it would have never left the ground. Look how well her makeup has done with the time and research she’s put into it. And it’s not for everyone. Every universal remote doesn’t work for every tv so nothing is truly universal these people claiming uts messed up their skin are full of isht and worse most of them are Beyoncè fans. I have no idea why these stans always try to ruin the others brands. Like support these two black women as individualswho do very different things it’s sick

  4. Yeah i haven’t had skin issues in over 10 years, the key 100% organic ingredients, i think like this; if a couldn’t eat it, it DOES not go on my skin, with one exception; Tea Tree oil (essential oil, not the hair store brand) And honestly the less ingredients the better, “Luxury” brands aren’t good for your skin at all lol they use chemicals and color dyes

  5. I have female family members who are make-up queens and they swear by Fenty saying it is a good makeup brand and it is not cheap drug store mass appeal makeup either like some brands. One family member was able to get some of her skin care products, apparently it sold out the same day it launched. I am hearing that she really put in the work to make this a successful line with high quality products. I did not know she made any products for men and I am hoping that is a man with them chin bumps if not, that aint my business. The key to great skin starts with your diet and water consumption along with a skin care line that is good for your skin type and that will take lots of trial, error and research.

  6. Remember to check the ingredients lists too as there are many cancer causing chemicals and irritants like parabens and bht.

  7. “Old girl” huh? That’s shady. From what I’ve read, Rih has put a lot of research into the line and it’s ingredients. However, there is some fragrance added (both natural and synthetic) and that has caused some irritation and issues with some people. Like you said, everything ain’t for everybody. Drink your water, reduce stress, and a clean diet will do wonders.

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