let’s go get an onlyfans so we can get a mortgage and a drug dealer car!

i’d like a mortgage,
well you can ask that when you fuck around on “onlyfans”.
sex work is here to stay and we’ll all just have to deal.
a. q. miller is on “onlyfans”.
i know you’re like “who?“.
he’s cute,
and has a pretty nice pipe.
so i’m sure folks are gravitating to his content.
well if you ever wanted to know how they pay these folks on onlyfans,
he showed us how much jimmy smacks (who is also on onlyfans) makes and gets paid…

it’s literally that easy?

…and jimmy’s subscription is FREE.
he started off giving us a free peek into his stroke ( x see it here ) and once we got comfortable,
he started to charge to see the dick and the strokes in exclusive content.
he knows how to hustle because he is making bank on that shit.
these other wolves could learn a thing or two from jimmy.

we gotta give it up to these sex workers.
they found a lane during this rona world and they’re fully utilizing it.
many of them don’t have any other skills than looking good and fuckin’.

Why not use your talents to get paid?

i’ll allow it.

check out: jimmy smacks | a.q miller

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “let’s go get an onlyfans so we can get a mortgage and a drug dealer car!”

  1. The problem with these individual pages is that they have zero sustainability, zero change, zero new talent, and they cost too much. They’re like a match stick on fire at the beach before a hurricane

  2. I hate when ppl showing off their “wealth” like they really made it. Some ppl are off better not showing their wealth and not bragging about it. Wait until ppl get tired of their onlyfans and no income coming in. They better not spend it all or go back to the bottom of the barrel.

    1. ^they be opening themselves up to get set up and robbed.
      people are jobless and broke out here.
      the last thing you want to be doing is bragging about being employed or how much money you have.

      1. Yes!!! The robbery will be incoming when ppl close to you might even take advantage of it or strangers. 2020 is very telling of the crimes going up cuz criminals are getting released early and cops are on the verge of being defunded.

  3. I think Onlyfans is good for male sex workers, gay and straight, who notoriously made much less than women in the industry. Especially for black men.

  4. I hope these people are reporting their income and paying their taxes because I remember reading IRS agents go on social media( FB,IG,Twitter) when they investigate tax fraud/tax evasion.They look at posts and pics of people talking about their income/flaunting their lifestyle.

  5. It’s only because he just got started, He. Doesn’t even create good content. Once his hype go down I doubt that he will still make that much. The thing is they don’t invest, create any products or really have a brand. He will be sticking things in his bootyhole come next year in 3…2…1

    1. Yeah his content is beyond dry. His followers started calling him out on the boring content and he simply deleted their comments.

      Nice face. Beyond average everything else.

  6. Times are definitely hard out as the US economy is the ol’ sh*tter, but do these gays, guys, and gyals think about the long term consequences of this OF trend…

    Like, I can only imagine all the awkward convos that will be had when the kids and grandkids of these people stumble across their content on the internet. Chile, couldn’t be me…

  7. If he was smart, he would have kept quiet for at least a year – or forever – and just accumulate revenue. He has now set himself up for failure in the near future. His struggling fans who were supporting him, the IRS and others will eventually respond to this…and not in his favor. Not a smart move at all. I hope he is investing and saving some of this $$.

  8. Everything don’t need to be shared for the gram or clout. That’s why the IRS and nem are gonna be at yo door, n*gga. If the next vixen doesn’t rob you.

    But OF/JF/etc are really good for porn stars – it gives them more control over their content & they get paid better (women too). Some don’t even get naked (feet, acting like animals, etc.). Gotta treat it like a real business though – engage your followers, grow your SM presence, get subscriptions (that’s the money), and grow your brand. I couldn’t do it, but I ain’t mad at them. Some are gonna burn out quickly tho (the dudes – I think the women will be alright).

      1. Yeah, there’s this woman that basically acts like a dog (I think) that makes bank on OF. It was posted in this group I know a while back. Dudes will pay for just about anything lol.

        You know there are financial doms? Men that pay women to manage their money – telling them what they can and can’t spend it on.

          1. There is new dude who is blowing up, his OF is ShawnRaymond and his twitter handle is TheShawnRaymon1 he started his page two weeks ago and it already among the top 1% his blowing up on twitter to, even the likes of Rhyheim Shabazz have been hitting me up and want get a taste of his 10 inch uncut dick and muscle booty 😂 I real like his page he is serving body, dick and personality but I don’t know if I will resubscribe to his page his currently charging $13.41

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