PETA Gonna Wear Rihanna If She Don’t Stop Wearing Fur

you know rihanna loves her fur.
she wears fur when the mood strikes.
that is usually often.
well peta,
who would probably assault you if you have a lucky rabbit’s foot,
wrote rihanna a nice/nasty letter.
oh yeah.
this is what they had to font

Dear Rihanna,

We saw the numerous comments from fans who were disappointed to see you wearing fur at the Dior event last week. Like us, they wish you would please retire your furs and instead choose a look that kills but doesn’t actually kill anyone.

Please accept this faux fur as a gift from PETA. In addition, we’d like to request that you please consider donating your furs to us. Every fur item causes a tremendous amount of pain and suffering to the foxes, minks, and coyotes who are beaten, electrocuted, gassed, and often skinned alive by the fur industry—and fur production takes a toll on humans as well. In the U.S. alone, fur farms are directly responsible for nearly 1,000 tons of phosphorous entering our rivers and streams each year, not to mention the toxic soup of chemicals used to keep animal skins from decomposing, which are hazardous to workers and the surrounding environment.

Your donated furs would go to good use: In the past, we’ve sent furs to Syrian refugees and to homeless shelters, which has an impact on “as many lives as possible in a positive way,” as you said so eloquently in your Harvard Humanitarian Award acceptance speech.

Warm regards,
Andrew Bernstein

you peep that passive aggressive close to this letter?
how do they know she isn’t wearing fake fur?

the black males that are murdered in the streets like wild animals…

Have they spoken out against that as well?

i bet not.
are these peta folks even vegetarians?
they go hard tho.
they already got kim kardashian and lindsay lohan:

i don’t think i’ve seen them both wear fur since.

lowkey: one of my home wolf’s mamas said she maced one of them.
saw one creeping from behind a car with paint,
while she was wearing her expensive fur coat,
and she “maced the fuck out her”.
her words.

letter cc: peta

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “PETA Gonna Wear Rihanna If She Don’t Stop Wearing Fur”

  1. Rihanna keep wearing your fur. Just look to Diva Aretha Franklin who gave PETA a Big Fuck You when they tried to chastise her and criticize her for wearing fur. The Queen of Soul had no time for PETA and seem to almost dare PETA to step to her. She loves her fur and those memos and pleas have fallen on deaf ears LOL. I am confused how you are okay with taking fur away from celebrities PETA to give to others to use but its still fur right? Oh well Rihanna gives me she will continue to wear her fur when its cold outside.

  2. I don’t think they want to go there with Rihanna. I feel like she’d go after them herself. Lol. My mom and aunts have furs and I can definitely see them reacting like your friend’s mom 😂

  3. Ive never understood why ppl are so against PETA. I dont agree with their violent attacks on celebs, but the truth is killing animals for fur is unsustainable. Humans are so fucking stupid. Killing animals for fur is not only bad for the animals, but It leads to pollution & a disruption of the ecosystems balance. I guess it’s your choice in the end but it’s very selfish. PETA is just trying to raise awareness for something that we may be too late stop. Im not even exaggerating, this is a global crisis. Environmental issues are no joke & we need to be more careful. Im not even a hippie, it’s just common sense yall

  4. FUCK PETA…. folks stand up for animals being killed but are ALWAYS SILENT when humans are being killed everyday…ESPECIALLY white people…The first ones to overlook a homeless person on a street or the lives of innocents murdered everyday by law enforcement and etc. Say nothing about dire poverty, illiteracy all of these things that threaten the quality of human life, which is superior to animals….YET have the time to write shady letters to celebs… Again FUCK PETA i don’t wear fur, nor do i believe in the torture of animals for fur, HOWEVER, until HUMANS receive basic rights in this country like equal pay, the ability to marry in certain states, not being discriminated against, THEN I’ll care but until then fuck them

    oh well *sips vodka* you look good Rihanna

  5. I’m looking at the Kim K comments of the videos and someone said they should have thrown her old nose and lips at her 😂💀💀

  6. I am rihanna’s biggest fan ever! I own every album including the almost $400 vinyl collection. Ive bought over 35 copies of ANTI and gave them away as gifts and no I’m not rich I worked hard for that money and I love rihanna enough to blow it on her. I even have all of her scents. But I actually do think she should wear fur. YES! I get what you are all saying about human lives. I personally take to the streets to protest. I personally question folks all the time about BLM and explain why it matters. And I also think animal lives matter because they are mammals just like we are, they think like we do, they have babies like we do, and they even fuck like we do. Yet they are treated disgusting. All so we can look good. White people enslaved black people just to make life easier for them and make us do all the hard work. It’s not right. If most of you believe in God then you know God cares for all his creatures. We are no better than the next and we should not be skinning animals for fur.

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